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Navitas Conversion Kits

You might own a golf cart for all the right reasons. They are compact, reliable, fit on tiny campuses, and are a ranch favorite. Golf carts like the E-Z-GO and Yamaha Drive have been popular but were made in eras when electric vehicles weren’t as important. Today an EZ-GO cart can set you back a hefty bill, but Navitas offers a solution to easily give your golf cart a much-needed upgrade and bring it on the same pedestal as the newest carts with AC technology and updated controllers

What Comes In The Package?

Navitas offers all the nuts and bolts needed to get your cart converted to a superior AC system. Depending on your cart’s make and model, the box will include some compatible modules and wires. The main components inside the package are

  • AC Induction System

  • OTF Programmer

  • Powerful Motor

  • Guides and Manual

The TAC 2 Systems

TAC 2 Induction Systems come in two variants–440 A and 600 A. The controllers are designed to be completely programmable by the user and it is exactly what you need to bring life to your slow and powerless vehicle. TAC 2 controllers are compatible with most OEM platforms and give you full control of your cart, LSV, or hunting buggy.

Tough Build Quality

The controllers are built to withstand all the shocks and jolts from off-road rides. They are thermally insulated and IPX5 sealed. Once installed, they do not move around or come off. The long bolts mount to different places and the shell keeps it protected from weather elements. Navitas uses Molex waterproof connectors to remove any inconvenience that you may encounter in bad weather.


TAC 2 controllers are able to support most of the models and the ‘On The Fly’ Programmer can overrun any OEM. It has CAN network support and can be installed parallel to RS232 connections.


The controller has a number of ways to connect to your buggy, but Navitas goes further and provides a better user experience with its downloadable apps. The app allows you to set the speed limit or remove any manufacturer's set limits. It shows a speedometer in realtime, battery voltage, and working temperature. You can also enter your wheel size and battery voltage for a better drive with Navitas allowing you to select your unique combination of battery build and motor type.

Powerful Motor

Go beyond the norm with the industry standard 5 kW AC motor that smokes any DC motor and dominates off-road tracks with easier incline climbs. The motor packs a strong punch and renews your cart to compete with some of the high-speed models with increased speed and boosted torque.

Why Do You Need AC Conversion Kits?

Navitas Conversion Kits are designed to be used in any vehicle that works on a basic electric motor like golf carts, buggies, and LSVs. AC-powered kits offer quicker acceleration and higher RPMs while DC motors are likely to overclock themselves, pushing limited RPMs and using more battery. Conversion kits can easily allow you to hit high RPMs from the get-go without using as much motor power.

With the TAC 2 Conversion kits, you can easily climb any slope on the golf course. It provides immense power and payload-carrying capacity. This is particularly great for buggies that carry heavy loads or golfers looking to carry all their clubs and bags.

Forget about repairs! AC motors run cool when compared to DC motors in the old Yamaha Drive and E-Z-GO. AC motors are more efficient in turning battery power to performance and do not require any cooling fluid replacements.

Why Are Navitas AC Kits Better?

Navitas AC kits are the most user-friendly and easy-to-install kits available on the market. They allow flexibility, complete control and guarantee quality on every mark.

The TAC 2 440 A or 660 A is compatible with most vehicles like the TXT and E-Z-GO Marathon models. They are the best and easiest way to transition from a series, DCS or PDS drive. Navitas programmable features are compatible with each motor and model and it provides great flexibility by limiting battery voltage and currents by the user.

Navitas Kits allow the user to override speed control through the mobile app and take control of the torque settings. The motor and Induction system uses regenerative braking to extend battery life and provide a longer range on a single charge.

The system is designed to ensure power isn’t cut at any temperature using a smart power cut system. The conversion kits are also designed to protect anyone driving using a high pedal disable (HPD) and SRO sequencing, features found on some of the most advanced controllers sold by Yamaha for a fraction of the price.