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Lester Chargers: Floor Care

Lester is already an exemplar brand in the field of battery charges in the domain of Smart Wireless Transformers, Smart Astronomical Controls, USB Chargers, Plugs and Receptacles, but the one application we are remiss not to mention is in the area of Floor Care.

The battery-charging solutions employed by Lester Electrical in floor care proudly feature phenomenal and arguably revolutionary features designed to make the floor care machines of various scale to perform in the most efficient systematic way possible. Commercial floor care needs systems that are calculated to use less energy, time and resources, and the efficient cleaning solutions from Lester succeed because it answers this need for reduced overall cost, flexibility, optimized performance and reliability in the area of commercial floor service cleaning.

The great thing about the floor care solutions provided by Lester is that they come with the guarantee that the partners are given full technical support, customer service specialist, product features orientation and premium reliability that is found nowhere else. The patented charging method licensed by Lester, the Progressive DV/DT, also ensured all the partners of a fully-charged battery every time. Lester chargers work with vehicles to deliver satisfied customers that return to operations every time, giving the operators longer hours to do their job efficiently.