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Lester Chargers: Industrial Vehicles

Itís not that hard to imagine why Lester Electrical leads the competition in the battery charger competition in the global market. If you just look at the myriad collection of products offered by Lester Electrical under the Industrial Vehicles category, itís undeniable that Lester has the most in-demand set of solutions for any company that needs to escalate their operations.

Whether the heavy equipment is used for track skidder, tractor, scraper, wheel tractor-scraper, straddle carrier or hydromatic purposes, you can guarantee that Lester Electrical has the niceh-specific remedy or charger solution for your business. One of these industrial chargers in the market from Lester is the Dual Mode Battery Charger. With Model Nos. 24530, 18330, 18350 and 18770, this battery charger makes sure that theyíre always reliable in whatever domain or industry application.

The Dual Mode Battery Charger comes in either 12 and 24 VDC models, with reliability thatís already a trademark of Lester Electrical. Other features of this charger include a steel case with compact footprint; a natural convection thatís cooled with no moving parts; SCR technology; and advanced microprocessor control with precise charging and termination algorithms.

Other chargers from Lester that can be used for Industrial Application are developed for the global market to be always American-made, manufactured in a powder-coated steel for maximum durability and an efficient convection cooled design that always offers optimal heat dissipation so that you can use it without a fan.