17 years in service
Cloud Electric website that has served in the electric products industry for more than 17 years and can testify to the fact that there's nothing more satisfying than a job well done, at the end of the day. We carry, literally, millions or electrical parts in stock and will always have plenty to back up any that have just left the inventory shelves; we are always prepared for when you need to place an order and fast. We'll pull it from our stock, label it, and have it shipped out to you so you can continue with your project plans in a smooth and quick manner, all in all. Now how does that sound?

But also, we work with over 20+ shipping locations in the USA, each location being spread out from the other; we strive to cover numerous major hot spots in the Eastern and Western regions of the country, respectively, in our ever - growing attempt to reach more customers and help more people. Talk about a commitment to growth and greater client excellence overall! These two things are what keep us rising out of bed every morning..

In addition, we offer repair services unlike any. Our repair service includes a complimentary free pick up in any of the states we are located in. We can also schedule a pick up the same day. How convenient is that? Just think about it.

OEM Components & Their Benefits as Offered by Cloud Electric

Plus, our rebuilt components use OEM parts, which can carry many other special benefits of their own. And this alone is worth further explaining, especially if you are new to shopping for these types of industry products altogether. Let me break it down in the simplest terms that I know how..

First of all, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and any product marked as such simply implies that it originally came about with your equipment's initial manufacturer and not just simply the second or third party seller or processor. OEM products are identical, or at least very resembling of, the products you seek to replace. They are also fully brand - new and even made of the very same materials or components that the originals you purchased were, giving them a strict advantage on so many other levels as a result.

Also, you may want to note that OEM products, like the ones we sell, are far more beneficial than after - market products. That's a fact. Here's how that, in particular, works..since they more closely resemble the original product, they're easier to replace and adapt to, overall, and they offer greater reliability, and even durability, as another result.

Warranty & More

And did you know Cloud Electric also offers a warranty on all its products, some warranties even starting at 6 months (with the option of extending into 36 months, should the buyer choose to find the upgrade necessary)? It can't hurt to be prepared. We always recommend extending the warranty if it's an option offered, such as with some of our top - selling products in the market.

Net Account Options

And it only gets better and better, too..are you aware that we also offer what we call our 30 - day net, for in - house business credit, that offers fast approval as well? This allows you to essentially hold off on your full payment due for a period of up to 30 days, as listed in the name, respectively. And this can benefit you, for example, as a project manager, in so many ways.

First of all, if you have major deadlines and need to make a massive or bulk order, but currently lack the funds to pay for the materials or products we offer upon checkout, with assurance that you will instead be paid upon the project's completion.then do not worry. Simply put the charge on the net account, and get to work on your project. Then, after the generous repayment time frame allotted has come to its end, you can begin to pay off what you owe. It's that simple, and you won't accrue a ton of interest either. No third parties are involved, either, so that's even better, isn't it?



Only people of the top quality in the industry, tradesmen and tradeswomen who hold plenty of years of experience in high - pressure environments, and who can back it up with their previous work accomplishments and current quality of work standards, are those who make and manufacture our products. And it shows. Here you will attain nothing short of top - notch, in every respect, with quality that goes well above and beyond what's promised...every time. We provide a wide selection of contractor tools and home improvement tools for residential and commercial use. In store and online, we strive to provide access to the highest quality tools and accessories with the most competitive prices anywhere.

Curtis Controller 36/48V 225A (CLUB) PMC  #1204-410 RS232 Serial Cable & Converter for Kelly KD & KDS Controllers Charger Schauer 24 Volt 30 Amp JAC3024
Curtis Controller 24V 55A (WW) PM MOTOR CONTROL  #1208-2344 Electric Motor Currie 24v, 750w 36V Standard Charger
Motor LEM170-95 LEMCO Motor AMD 5.58" #140-07-4001 24-36VDC 2HP Single Shaft Motor "Kelly" 130ZYT55 PM DC Brushed 24 Volt 1000 Watt
Motor LEM170-95 LEMCO
Price: $1,599.99
Motor D&D ES-15A-6 48-72 VDC Series Wound single shaft w/Mounting Bracket CODE SWITCH - 1000 SERIES 12-120V - 99 CODES Electric Motor Currie 24v, 350w
Curtis Controller 24/36V 400A (0-5K) PMC  #1205-101 Motor D&D Series 48 VDC 10 Tooth 9.4 hp AMD motor 24V(2.8hp),36V(5.8hp),48V(7.9hp) for Taylor-Dunn
0909 Mars 24-72 VDC Brush-type PM DC Motor
0909 Mars 24-72 VDC Brush-type PM DC Motor
Price: $479.00
Sale Price!: $429.00
Curtis controllers in stock!

And we also sell Curtis brand products quite extensively. They make their home quite comfortably among our top products, as well. Curtis controllers, especially, abound here. And speaking of which, here are the ones we specifically sell to the public, so take note:

Curtis Model 1203A Curtis Model 1203C Curtis Model 1204 Curtis Model 1204M
Curtis Model 1204S Curtis Model 1204X Curtis Model 1205 Curtis Model 1205M
Curtis Model 1205S Curtis Model 1205X Curtis Model 1206 Curtis Model 1206A
Curtis Model 1206HB Curtis Model 1206MX Curtis Model 1206SX Curtis Model 1207
Curtis Model 1207A Curtis Model 1207B Curtis Model 1208 Curtis Model 1208A
Curtis Model 1208C Curtis Model 1209 Curtis Model 1209B Curtis Model 1210
Curtis Model 1212 Curtis Model 1212P Curtis Model 1213 Curtis Model 1214
Curtis Model 1215 Curtis Model 1218 Curtis Model 1219 Curtis Model 1221
Curtis Model 1221B Curtis Model 1221C Curtis Model 1223 Curtis Model 1225
Curtis Model 1227 Curtis Model 1228 Curtis Model 1231 Curtis Model 1231C
Curtis Model 1232 Curtis Model 1232E Curtis Model 1233 Curtis Model 1235
Curtis Model 933 Curtis Model 934 Curtis Model JLG-MC1



We work to offer you quite a range of solid electrical parts in more than 20 locations, for one. And we also use a whole host of both contractor - type and home - improvement type tools to get you a job well done in a short amount of time, depending on the need and the severity of the issue, of course. And while we make no promises in terms of time frame (the time in which the job will be specifically completed, as each need is different), we do promise a job well done each time. And we don’t sacrifice the quality it requires to make that happen, either. But in any sense, we do strive to finish in a timely manner as well.