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Lester Chargers: Utility & Substation

You might think that Lester Electrical is just about battery chargers for motor cycles and handling equipment, but the fact is: it is also an international brand known for some of todayís most powerful battery chargers used for utility vehicles and substations. In a world of always addressing the risk of losing power, Lester Electrical leads the race by providing its partners with back-up power systems that immediately sustain constant operations while in the grid.

The redundancy measures of, say, the Atlas Modular Stationary Battery Charger in the field of Utility and Substation means that you have the peace of mind of always knowing that your equipment wonít break up on you and that you have the best gear suited for the job. The Lester Electrical Utility and Substation battery chargers also come with an Ethernet Monitoring device that will make sure the health of your charger is at its optimal.

Battery monitoring is top priority of Lester Electrical and thatís why the redundancy measures innate in Lester Electricalís solutions will always feature multiple iPMS, allowing your charger to continue to operate even if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails for high availability. You can also expect high-level sophisticated alarming system and security for each Lester Electrical solution you acquire for utility operations.