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Lester Chargers: Golf Carts & Electric Vehicles

For premium battery charging solutions for golf carts and other major electric vehicles, you’re likely to be in the right hands when you’re under Lester Electrical. What Lester offers to the market are golf cart charging solutions that put customers first and with the robust original design structure of a golf cart in mind.

Since Lester was founded in 1963, it has led in the competition of creating or manufacturing battery chargers for electric golf cars in the first place. When the brand had escalated, it was taken to create chargers that deliver the same high-level production quality that answers the market demands of electric vehicles.

One of these premium Lester Golf Cart Chargers is the Lester Summit II with bluetooth, a 1050 watt industrial battery charger and rugged die cast aluminum enclosure features. This is under IP66 Standards that highly reliable with long-life. You can also get a variety of charging algorithm profiles loaded in this system, which is compatible with lead acid, wet, AGM and Gel batteries profiles. Plus, switching to various algorithms is easy via the free downloaded Charger Connect app.

The Ring Terminal Connections that come with this model pair perfectly well with a 6.25' DC Cord and comes with a 24/36/48 Volts - Auto Detecting - Charge, which can be either 24 or 36 or 48 volt carts with the same charger.