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Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO RXV Charger 9174810 Delta-Q 36V 17A E-Z-GO Charger 9153610 Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO Charger 9154810
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Delta-Q 36V 17A E-Z-GO TXT Charger 9173610 Delta-Q IC650 24V 27.1A Charger 9400001 Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO Charger 9194810
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JLG Delta-Q Charger 9122400-J1 JLG Delta-Q Add Temperature Sensor 1001112111 JLG Delta-Q Charger 9122400-J2
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A Brand’s Promise to Uphold Two Central Core Values & More…...
“Superior performance and reliability” are two core elements that Delta Q stands behind when promoting its battery charger products to the world, and it certainly delivers on all it promises. Few other brands or top sellers can always say the same. But this manufacturer has, in fact, managed to beat the odds and make a killer revenue stream by selling top-end charger products that offer more in value than one is expected to pay for them upfront, and that alone says it all. In fact, this would likely be the number one reason for why a company like this one is thriving and all while doing things legally and justly for all. Let’s have a look at the amazing chargers it offers and what you can expect to pay for…..

First of all, the industrial battery charger products offered by the company are well suited for any of the following industry needs:
  • Lift trucks
  • Golf cars or golf carts
  • Power sports vehicles
  • Floor care machines
  • Utility and transportation
  • Aerial work platforms

Series’ of Chargers Sold Publicly by Delta Q
Delta Q mainly delves in selling three types of series chargers but also sells a few others outside of these series’. The three series’ are listed as follows:
1.) The QuiQ Series
The QuiQ 1000 Charger - Its core features include an off - board that’s re - usable, in addition to up to 10 charge profiles that can be of the optimized kind.
The QuiQ 1500 Charger - The 1500 charger seen here gets 30 % faster charging than before and promotes aerial boom lifts.
The QuiQ-dci Charger / DC-DC Converter - Both a charger and a converter for electric battery parts, it can 1,000 W when charging, as well as 150 - 400 Ah battery pack potential.

2.) The RC Series
The RC 900 Charger - It comes in four capacity types --- 36 V, 25 A, 48 V, 20A. And it also offers 900 W. Furthermore, it weighs a minimal portion of 4.0 kg. 30.0 x 17.9 x 8.0 cm are its full dimensions.
The RC 1000 Charger - The RC 1,000 primarily focuses its specialty within extracting greater amounts of real - time charger data in order to effect a more permanent solution and output increase by means of a synced charge. It’s a 1000 W | 24 V charger.
The RC 1200 Charger - The 1,200 model in this series couple AC & DC cabling along with off - board configuring and CAN bus communication, respectively. It can charge lithium as well as lead acid to make the battery more effective in any lift truck, floor care machine, forklift and more.

3.) The IC Series
The IC650 Charger - This one charges at 650 W. It 24V / 27A | 36V / 18A | 48V / 13.5A. Its dimensions at 24 VDC are of 25.2 x18.6 x 8.0 cm, and those for its 48 VDC form show to be at 9.9 x 7.3 x 3.1". These two are the most notable dimension versions, the 24 and the 48. And at 24 VDC, the charger is known to weigh < 3 kg, while at 48 VDC, it weighs < 6.5 lbs.
The IC 900 Charger - The IC 900 charger is a typical 900 W charger that can even get up to 960 W in terms of maximized DC output by means of its 48 V version. Its voltage range shows 85 - 270 in VAC, and its frequency for AC inputs is that of 50 / 60 Hz. It effectively weighs 4.4 kg when in 24 VDC and 9.6 lbs when in 48 VDC.
The IC 1200 Charger - This charger gets a bit more than the usual max of 1,000 W seen for such chargers. It caps off at 1,200 V, respectively, and also works within input ranges of voltage that show at 85 - 270 VAC. Its input frequency equates to 50 / 60 Hz. For its ring terminals, as regards DC outputting connector potential, it works with M6 threaded fasteners.

4.) Other Products & Services Delta Q Makes Available
The SC-48 Charger - This charger is exclusively made for U.S. E - Z - GO products in the form of RXV® or TXT® lineups, especially those of electric golf cars. The “SC” seen in the name stands for sealed charger, and the “48” represents 48 volts. Its inputting AC voltage range shows 110 in VAC. The product weighs 7.3 lbs. or 3.3 kg.
Various Types of Integrated Custom Battery Charger Designs
Some Spec Details to Notice, All Throughout the Different Chargers

All the chargers mentioned above, depending on the type, sub model and series, may effectively work within either of six general categories: It may be either a 24 VDC, a 36 VDC, a 48 VDC, a 72 VDC or a 96 VDC. The VDC stands for “Volts Direct Current” and is a phrase heavily used in the computing & tech engineering world, implying exactly what it says in its name. And here in the case of these various Delta Q chargers, the VDC represents a whole number of spec factors dealing with DC output and AC input.
DC output has to do with the maximum output power potential inclined as well as the maximum DC output current. The AC input, on the other hand, more often than not deals with the charger’s input frequency and voltage ranges. So both play a very different but equally vital role…..
Furthermore, Delta Q’s chargers have been able to work with nearly 200 types of charge profiles, commercialized, in order to best cover various model and manufacturer requests. They work with lithium ion batteries and lead acid at the same time, covering the many incorporations of their numerous fields. But also, they’re designed for intense high reliability; these chargers have been pre-tested in harsh environment in order to back such a statement --- some have been placed in ongoing intense outdoor rain and snow, for instance, to test their unwavering durability.

The CAN bus feature included in all Delta Q chargers is optional, but the brand’s execs heavily suggest that all users take full advantage of it at no additional cost. It’s a feature made already available and unlockable with every purchase of a charger. What it does is this: It enables linking between the interconnected IC650 and its other components, even accounting for lithium charging, data retrieval and machine diagnostic performance, among countless other functions.
Moreover, those chargers within Delta Q’s IC series are able to store charge cycle data, likewise making such information accessible by means of their own in-built USB ports. These ports are also able to support various charge profile updates as well as updates to their software everywhere. The USB port used is typically a host - type port.

Worldwide Flexibility as an Unlisted, Added Option
Worldwide flexibility is, in fact, another option offered with each charger’s purchase as far broader AC input ranges of 85 - 270 V ---- offered within the IC 650 Charger, as the prime example, now permit for greater global usage throughout any single-phase electrical grids they’re used with. Plus, wider regulatory approvals now in effect permit the IC 650, and soon many other chargers sold by Delta Q, to be used internationally within industrial equipment and electric vehicles of various kinds. And AC and DC cabling, highly customizable by nature, is already included in IC’s series chargers.

Even More Details to Note About These Chargers
In addition, bear in mind that every single delta-q charger ever released, including even the most current models, has been able to safely charge all lithium ion battery chemistries working with it, doing so through no less than its own subsets of uniquely designed, carefully managed algorithms. This all takes by means of system-controlled, battery charging management processes with greater capability, working in close conjunction with what is known as CAN bus. Thus, vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and even certain types of machine manufacturers can derive test channels and expertise from this brand of products, especially when their industry relies heavily on the need to work on lithium - ion implementation as it relates to machines or vehicles, respectively.
In this process briefly mentioned, the BMS or Battery Management System acts as the intermediary, standing only between the lithium ion battery and ICL charger.

Delta Q, leading industry service provider or globally renowned battery charging solutions for all, mainly works with industrial manufacturing equipment and its implementation to offer greater reliability and performance when it comes to electrically driven vehicles. Its headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada but it maintains a heavy presence in other regions like the U.S., Asia and Europe. It also carries a strong social media presence on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook; check out the business online when you get a chance. Read several hundreds of user reviews and decide if you wish to buy a charger straight from the seller. A potential online discount may be offered to first - time buyers.