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Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO RXV Charger 9174810 Delta-Q 36V 17A E-Z-GO Charger 9153610 Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO Charger 9154810
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Delta-Q 36V 17A E-Z-GO TXT Charger 9173610 Delta-Q Quiq 72V Charger (Repair Service) Delta-Q IC650 24V 27.1A Charger 9400001
Fast Mover - Order today! Repair Service for Delta-Q Quiq 72V Charger 9127254 will include a complementary pick up from anywhere in USA (48 contiguous states). We can schedule a pick up the same day of order. The repair process typically takes 3-5 business days. But can be completed sooner if parts are readily available. (this is usually the case for top selling items)

For more information, please call us at 1855-585-4430. This unit comes with 6 Months warranty up-gradable to 36 months.

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Delta-Q 48V 13A E-Z-GO Charger 9194810 JLG Delta-Q Charger 9122400-J1 JLG Delta-Q Charger 9122400-J2
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JLG Delta-Q Add Temperature Sensor 1001112111
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Cloud Electric is a proud seller of Delta-Q battery chargers. Delta-Q Technologies is a leading brand of industrial battery chargers for a wide array of applications and electric machines. Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries are only as good as the charger, and Delta-Q leads the way in research and innovation. Delta-Q high-frequency chargers are engineered and designed to extend battery life by using a dazzling array of OEM-approved technology.

Delta-Q chargers are great for electric motorcycles and scooters, golf carts, e-mobility vehicles, scissor lifts and boom kits, lift trucks and forklifts, electric utility vehicles, outdoor power equipment, and other low-speed applications. The Delta-Q name is synonymous with top-notch quality and outstanding reliability. All Delta-Q chargers and charging equipment feature optimized and custom-matched algorithms to extend the life of both lithium-ion and lead-acid battery packs. The chargers also have customized cabling and charging profiles to ensure an OEM fit with no further modifications required.

The Delta-Q brand is a leader in research and development. Delta-Q Series battery chargers are the result of a combination of state-of-the-art power electronics, brilliant mechanical design, and quality software. The brand is constantly innovating in charge algorithm development, power conversion, and power factor correction to enhance reliability and charging performance.

Most of all, Delta-Q chargers can integrate easily with CAN-BUS communication modules. The Delta-Q IC Series offers superior charging quality while the RC Series is a set-feature charger for both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Both are available in 650 W, 900 W, and 1200 W charging capacities. Delta-Qs QuiQ Series is a high-performance sealed motive battery charger sold in 1000 W and 1500 W variants.

Lithium-ion battery chargers are a Delta-Q specialty. The brand offers the ICL and IC Series chargers for lithium-ion battery packs. The ICL Series is sold in 900 W, 1200 W, and 1500 W configurations while the IC Series is available in 650 W, 900 W, and 1200 W variants. Furthermore, Delta-Q IC Series battery chargers are known for setting the highest threshold of reliability while offering easier integration with other components on both electric vehicles and machines. Delta-Q is also renowned for its stackable charging system. Featuring a modular design offering up to 7.5 kW of charging, the Delta-Q stackable charging system is a brilliant solution for charging medium to large battery packs of varying chemistries.

Delta-Q Technologies can engineer and build the best chargers for any market or customized application. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, but the brand has more than 34 distribution partners in 18 countries worldwide. The brand has already commercialized more than 190 charging profiles for all types of lead-acid batteries (including flooded, AGM, gel, and VRLA). All Delta-Q chargers can meet or exceed CEC standards, and the brand is currently accredited to test various products to meet the CEC (California Energy Commission) standards on energy efficiency.