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Accessories Kelly DC SEP-EX CONTROLLER KDZ (24V-72V) Kelly DC Series/PM Controller KDZ(12V-120V)
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Kelly Controllers

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KELLY-KDZ-SERIES : Kelly KDZ Series/PM Motor Controller KELLY-HPM-SERIES : Kelly HPM High Power Full Bridge Permanent Magnet DC Motor Controller KELLY-KAC-8080I-SERIES : Kelly KAC-8080I High Power AC Induction Motor Controller
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KELLY-KBL-SERIES : Kelly KBL Brushless Motor Controller KELLY-KDS-SERIES : Kelly KDS Small Series/PM Motor Controller KELLY-KSL-SERIES : Kelly KSL Brushless Motor Controller
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KELLY-PM-SERIES : Kelly PM Full Bridge Permanent Magnet DC Motor Controller KELLY-KBS-E-SERIES : Kelly KBS-E Brushless Motor Controller KELLY-KEB-SERIES : Kelly KEB Ebike Brushless Motor Controller
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KELLY-KLS-D-SERIES : Kelly KLS-D Brushless Motor Controller KELLY-KLS-S-SERIES : Kelly KLS-S Space-saving Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Motor Controller (36V-72V, 120A-300A) KELLY-KAC-D-SERIES : Kelly KAC-D High Power AC Induction Motor Controller
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KELLY-KAC-H-SERIES : Kelly KAC-H High Power AC Induction Motor Controller KELLY-KAC-S-SERIES : Kelly KAC-S High Power AC Induction Motor Controller KELLY-KDHE-SERIES : Kelly KDHE High Efficient Series/PM Motor Controller
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KELLY-KHB-SERIES : Kelly KHB High Power Brushless Motor Controller KELLY-KLS8080I-IPS-SERIES : Kelly KLS8080I/IPS Motor Controller KELLY-KLS-H-SERIES : Kelly KLS-H Sinusoidal Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Controller (48V-96V, 220A-600A)
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KELLY-KBS-X-SERIES : Kelly KBS-X Brushless Motor Controller KELLY-MINI-KVD-SERIES: Mini KVD Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller (12V-48V, 120A-200A) KELLY-MINI-KLS-N-SERIES: Mini KLS-N Sinusoidal Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Controller (12V-72V, 120A-300A)
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KELLY-J1-CABLE : Kelly Controller J1 Cable KELLY-J2-CABLE : Kelly Controller J2 Cable KELLY-TG : Twist Grip Throttle 0-5V (WUXING)
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SM4A : SM-4A to RS232 Adapter KELLY-Z-TEK-RS232 : Controller programming Z-TEK USB TO RS232 cable KELLY-CTRLBOX : Kelly Controller Control Box
For KBS-X, KBS-E, KLS, KAC controllers.

SM4A : SM-4A to RS232 Adapter


The adapter connecting SM-4A to RS232 is used to transfer data to and from the source. This product is manufactured by Kelly Controller and the compatibility with other products may be limited to KBS-X, KBS-E, KAC, and KLC controllers. The adapter can be purchased here in Cloud Electric, your one-stop shop for all your electric component needs. Cloud Electric is a leading distributor of electronic components in North America. We take pride in our informative product descriptions, pricing, and shipping speed.
Z-TEK USB TO RS232 Cable Fast Mover - Order today!
CCB-KDZ : Controller Control Box - KDZ KELLY-BLU : Bluetooth Adapter KDS24050E : Kelly KDS24050E,50A,12V-24V, Mini Brushed Controller
Assemblies, KBL, KEB, KBS, KHB, PM, KSL, KDZ, KDHE, HPM, KDS, KLS, KPM, KAC Only for KLS, KAC, KPM controllers Fast Mover - Order today!
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Kelly Controls is one of today's leaders in the industry of manufacturing essential motor products, ranging from controllers for electric vehicles and their accessories, to controllers for boats and gliders both used for the service industry and the recreation sector.

In this category you will find some of Kelly Controller's applications or use cases, features, their stand-out benefits and even the history of how the brand is known today for its innovation, market cap growth and high-quality standards.

Applications/Use Cases

The motor controller types from Kelly Controls are brushless, sinusoidal wave brushless, brushed and AC motor types. Their main applications are for the following assets: electric boats, electric cars, electric motorcycles, trailers, automobile carriers, formula cars and even kits for EV projects.

For the brushless motor controller type, the main application is to navigate various electric motorcycles, golf carts and even go-carts that require knowledge of the rotor position and mechanism to commutate the motor. With the help of an ESC or an Electronic Speed Controller, this controller type is activated by the use of the appropriate MOSFETs, creating a rotating magnetic field so the motor rotates.

Some of the most established brushless motor controllers from Kelly Controller include the: KVD Sealed Trapezoidal Brushless Motor Controller and the KBL General Brushless Motor Controller with Regen. What many people can appreciate about the KVD Sealed Trapezoidal is that it's known to be a controller that's able to provide efficient and smooth controls for electric motorcycles as well as industrial motors.

Its strength mainly relies on its powerful microprocessor that brings in a comprehensive, precise control system to the controller itself. With the help of your PC software and Android app, you're able to program this controller's KVD system with ease. There's an added option, too, for users to add a Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable for programming KVD controller in the set-up for convenience.
The application of a sinusoidal wave brushless type is to reduce the operation noise and 1/3 of the switching loss, which is something that many DC brushless motors need to acquire. It's an added bonus that this controller type uses high levels of MOSFETs, SVPWM and FOC to achieve efficiencies as high as 99%.

For the brushed motor controllers, the main application is to still give a smooth, quiet set of controls for electrical vehicles and forklifts of various types, but an added bonus is that Kelly Controls made its products in this category to have a thermal protection that offers current cutbacks and an auto shutdown system when reaching highest temperatures.

The rest of the controller types are still used in the same types of electric vehicles, but they pretty much differ in the way their wire coils are configured and whether there's a permanent magnet used for the external rotor.


There are many outstanding features that Kelly Controller's products can boast, other than the fact that their controllers can ensure the smoothest, quietest controls for electrical vehicles and forklifts. One prominent feature is that they are made of powerful microprocessors with precise brushed motor controls programmable to set parameters and conduct tests. Kelly also uses high power MOSFET and a fast PWM that can maximize efficiency to as high as 99% of total limit.

Other features you can enjoy from Kelly Controller's products include: a voltage monitoring system for a 12V and 5V voltage source. If you're looking for a controller that can offer a current limit and torque control, then you can get that from KDZ - Brushed DC Series/PM Motor Controller.

Another feature that Kelly Controller has made famous today is its products' configurable high pedal protection, which puts a limit on the controller that will stop the motor if there's a high throttle detected when the unit is switched on.

Electric bikes and scooter conversions are another specialty of Kelly Controllers. The KEB-E - E-Bike Brushless Motor Controller is even made to offer a programmable E-bike brushless DC motor controller that's just as quiet and efficient as many other controller types. You can even make it waterproof just by selecting the option before ordering.

Other special features e-bike owners will love about Kelly Controllers include: a configurable limit for both currents of the motor and battery; a limiting system of the battery that will not lose performance limit; low EMC and LED fault code availability; a battery protection system with a current cutback mechanism so you will always know that there's a voltage problem while using this.


There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy from purchasing Kelly Controller's releases, and the most common of them would be the ability to use for your motor the most intelligent and powerful microprocessor in the market; the chance to use electronic reversing for your electric car; the ability to install a voltage monitoring system on your forklift's 12V and 5V voltage source and the benefit of being able to use both hardware over current and over voltage protections for your electric vehicle investments.

If you're also looking for various braking modes in your electric vehicles, then you have the added benefit from Kelly Controller's three braking mode systems: release throttle, brake switch braking, reversing braking and neutral braking. You can even program their brake time and brake release time for various regen modes.

The third strongest feature we see in Kelly's models is their ability to offer users the ability to program the controllers using standard PC or even an Android tablet. Just make sure you use a Z-TEK USB to RS232 cable for connecting controllers to the Android app.


Kelly Controller's rise to prominence started in 2007 when it aimed to be a leader in clean, sustainable and ethical motor products that are still built with maximum energy efficiency in mind.

Situated in Irvine, Kelly is now a company that has shipping headquarters located in Hefei, Anhui Province in China, with 500+ locations spread all over 81 countries and universities, including Stanford University and Singapore's National University.