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Curtis Controllers Model 934

The Curtis 934 is a controller and a fuel gage for the battery. It protects the battery against deep discharge that prolongs the life of the component. Its features include adjustable reset, lift lockout, and discharge settings. It is a highly reliable controller as it is capable to operate despite harsh conditions and has a high-quality aluminum material used for hardware. The controller has battery recognition and detection, and EEPROM memory as its key features.

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Notifies the user of energy reverse at the discharge of 75%

Lift Lockout @ 80% discharge

  • The lift coil circuit is locked out and comes with optional warning signals located on other vehicles

  • The lift is finished before lockout when discharge is reached during the lift

Charge Detection

This feature recognizes whether the battery is improperly charged


Utilizes a non-volatile memory allows maintaining state-of-charge even after removal from the power source

Reset and Discharge Level

Both levels indicating lockout point are adjustable

Easy Installation

Mounting the device to a vehicle is easy. The following are the tools required:

  • Controller: 2 pieces of -inch bolts to the body of the vehicle

  • Gage: a 2-1/16-inch round cut out to the dash




Model 1156

It is an LED gage with 10 bars that flash to signify a low fuel level

Dual Voltage

There are two voltages the user can choose from, which can be changed using jumpers


Installable to any parts of the circuit of the lift coil. It has a maximum resistive load capacity of 150 VA on the secluded NC relay

  • The AX output is close to the AW output, however, it closes at lockout and with NO relay

High Voltage Reset

While charging, the battery remains connected to the controller

Dual Voltage: Automatic Ranging

Adjusts automatically according to the correct system voltage