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Curtis Controllers Model 1206MX

The Curtis 1206MX are 36 volts controllers that are capable of providing higher torque compared to stock controllers. This controller is compatible with EZGO golf carts with PDS as its drive system. PDS is an abbreviation for Precision Drive System, which was manufactured in 2000 by EZGO. The nominal voltage of the controller is 36 volts and has a maximum current limit of 350 amperes.

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State-of-the-art Design

  • This product enables your engine to gain nearly double torque because when Upgrading from the stock 275A controller to a 350A PDS controller will nearly double the torque.

  • This product comes with a beeper sound for easy diagnostics of any kind of fault. The sequence of beeps can be found in the PDS controller manual.

  • The product's fault detection feature is easy to use; just follow the troubleshooting sequence to detect any kind of fault.

  • The state-of-the-art design of the PDS controller provides higher efficiency, less maintenance, and low battery consumption than any other controller available on the market.

Application and Uses:

  • This controller allows you to easily switch settings. For example, setting it for mild hills will cause it to increase your acceleration speed to make it easier to climb them and boost your regenerative braking when going downhill.

  • The product is more cost-effective and easier to maintain than any other PDS controller.

  • Its 350 Amps allows you to attain higher torque which makes your cart flight smoother on steep hills.

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Curtis EZGO 36V 350A PDS Controller 1206MX4301
Curtis EZGO 36V 350A PDS Controller 1206MX4301
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