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HPEVS AC-34 Brushless AC Motor Kit - 72 Volt HPEVS AC-34 Brushless AC Motor Kit - 72 Volt

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Price: $4,140.50
Cloud Electric aims to provide in this category the best parts, kits and other options that consumers need to maximize, repair, or upgrade their Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems (HPEVS). Whether it's for an AC induction drive system or vehicles used for a variety of industries, the motor kits you see in this category will focus on the delivery of maximum efficiency, longer mobility distance, lowered costs and upgraded product features.

Some of the prominent vehicle types with which the HPEV motors in this category are compatible include: ground support machines, motorcycles, electric cars, and even amusement park assets.

A top option to consider in this category is the Curtis 1236SE-5621 HPEVS AC-9 Brushless AC Motor Kit. This motor kit has a 48 volt default setting, as well as a secondary 36-60V setting option. As a result, you can adjust the motor setting to increase and draw up at 650A, resulting to around 27 HP of 70 ft-lbs of torque.

Lightweight and small, this motor kit is best used for small applications, ranging from dirt bikes, golf carts, ATVs, microcars to micro scooters. Its other features include regenerative braking and an idle function setting that at 48 volts can be adjusted to bring it down to a low voltage operation.

If you want another motor kit with an adjustable safety net option, you might want to consider getting the Curtis 1236SE-5621 HPEVS AC-34. It's the option to get not just because it's the first of its kind as an AC motor that operates around 360-60V, but because it can also draw up to about 550A of power.

Its lightweight design is an added feature that makes it perfect for medium-sized cars, along with the fact that it can produce up to about 40 HO and about 108 ft-lbs of torque. This kit also comes with an idle function and regenerative braking features. With its 27 volts, you can already make this a safer low voltage option for your motor system, increasing your vehicle's EV miles.

The Curtis 1236SE-6521 HPEVS AC-23 in this category is the one you should get if your priority is torque. Developed to produce impressive levels of torque, this motor kit has a 650 amp system of about 96 volts in a lightweight 60-pound motor with 56 horsepower.

With its 12 Volt HV relay and the trademarked Curtis 840 Dash Gauge, this is the motor kit that suits well for hydraulic pumps, golf cars and many industrial assets that require lightweight design.

We also have in this category the Curtis 1239e-8521 HPEVS Dual AC-35 Brushless Motor Kit. The kit includes: one HPEVS AC35x2 Dual Motor; two Curtis 1239e-8521 Controllers;l two 35 Pin Connector and Wire Harnesses; two Gigavac GV200-MA Contactors; and two 12 Volt HV Relays.

Other dual motors are described to be of no match to this motor kit, especially for the fact that this already comes with Twin Curtis controllers right in one package.