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Cloud Electric - Doing More for Its Customers!

Some of the product lines that we offer…..
Did you know Cloud Electric offers top of the line products like Curtis motor controllers, Kelly motor controllers, AMD single shafts and controllers, Mars DC Motors, D & D parts, standard motor chargers and more? That’s right, and our mission is to serve you in the cleanest and most convenient ways possible, altogether, through any one of our 20 + locations.

And some of our other electric motors that we have in stock include no less than the likes of Lemco motors, FSIP performance motors or golf cart motors, Inmotion motors, Series Wound motors, and even some motor systems falling under HPEV AC, respectively. Plus, when it comes to joystick product lines --- which, as you probably did not guess, we do sell as well ---- we’ve got the glorious Crown, Yale, Raymond, Hyster and Schaeff/Schreck lines to choose from. And that’s not all….there’s some more…..

If next you’re wondering about the accelerators we’ve got available, take a look at some of the following top brand names. Yup, we’ve got them here. They include those of Curtis, Nacco, Sevcon, GE or General Electric, Daewoo, Cat, Mit, Cableform, Clark, and even the aforementioned FSIP, Hyster, and Yale. Take your pick, friend.

More about us, that we can offer you…..
  • A very fast repair process that includes free same day pick up from all USA states.
  • We are now offering OEM Aftermarket electrical components as well.
  • And of the many Curtis controllers we mentioned, there are 47 particular models we sell that you can choose from. We give you more options than several competitors can.

Our Hours of operations
  • Monday to Friday from 4am to 5pm PST
  • Sundays from 10am to 4pm PST
  • Online Ordering is open 24/7.