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Curtis Controllers Model 1212P

The controllers from Curtis 1212P have a high operating frequency of 15.6 kHz, a nominal voltage of 24 volts, and a current rating of 90 amperes. The controller is applicable for material handling equipment such as pallet trucks. Aside from that, Curtis also provides a programming device that allows low-power permanent magnet (PM) motors to be used together with the controller. The programming device also aids in the configuration, diagnosis, and testing of Curtis 1212P making it reliable in producing precise output. It also only weighs 0.3 kg and is 131 mm in length, 72 mm in width, and 39 mm in depth with a wide range of throttle-type options.

The Curtis 1212P controllers have guaranteed high performance due to their key features and additional features. This controller can now be purchased here in Cloud Electric, your one-stop shop for all your electric component needs. Cloud Electric is a leading distributor of electronic components in North America. We take pride in our informative product descriptions, pricing, and shipping speed.

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Curtis 24V 90A PMC 1212P-2501 Curtis 24V 90A PM Controller 1212P-2502
Curtis 24V 90A PMC 1212P-2501
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15.6 kHz


unipolar, single-ended, center-off (wig-wag), and inverted (single-ended & center-off)


  • Current Rating at 10s

90 A

  • Maximum LED Output

15 mA

  • Maximum Horn Output

15 mA

  • Maximum Lift Lockout Output

50 mA


  • Minimum Motor Resistance

90 A model: 120 milliohms

  • Electromagnetic (EM) brakes

32 ohms


  • Nominal Voltage Range

24 V

  • Minimum Electrical Isolation

500 V

  • Cutoff (Overvoltage)

34 V

  • Cutoff (Undervoltage)

14 V


  • Ambient (Storage)

-40 - 65 °C

  • Ambient (Operational)

-25 - 50 °C

  • Undertemperature (Heatsink)

Starts at -10 °C

50% linear reduction at -25 °C

  • Overtemperature (Heatsink)

Starts at 80 °C

Cutoff finishes at 150 °C




Emergency Reverse

This feature comes with a “belly button” switch that stops the advancing vehicle swiftly to allow a smooth change in direction (reverse)

Emergency Stop

Quickly activates EM braking

Curtis 906 Meter

A discharge indicator of the battery that indicates its condition

Lift Lockout Signal

Drives the relay

Neutral Input

Rejects output even when there is input from the throttle




Current Boost

Allows an increase in current to improve navigation control

Regulated Speed

Guaranteed precision when navigating uneven terrain

Linear Cutback Function

Allows smooth navigation even reaching indicated limits of voltage and temperature

EM brake

Guarantees that the vehicle stops safely

Rejects input while Charging

Guarantees that the vehicle does not start when charging

Key-Off Deceleration

Allows smooth stop once it switches off or a fault is detected

Anti-Forward & Anti-Rollback

A safety function that guarantees no unintentional mobilization will occur

Proprietary Algorithm

Protects gearbox and assists the vehicle in starting and reversing smoothly




Potentiometer for Speed Limit

Allows control of the vehicle speed may it be direct or linear

Reverse Beeper

Notifies bystander

Automatic Motor Compensation

Allows smooth motor changes and adjustments for the better driving experience

Indoor & Outdoor Modes

Modes are programmable to adapt setting condition


Speed restriction during manual pushing of the vehicle even without power assistance

Speed Inhibition

Inhibits and decreases the speed of the vehicle when the system detects faulty issues

Power Saving

Avoids battery drain when not in use

Discharge Indicator

Monitors and indicates battery discharge

IPX5 protection

Secures electronic components

Flexible Brake Voltage

Decreases the thermal input on the brake coil


  • The controller remains functional when exposed to noisy Radio Frequency surroundings

  • There is a continuous monitoring feature intended for circuits and software

  • Components are automatically monitored for fault detection and inhibit the vehicle from driving upon power-up