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Lester Battery Charger

There may be a lot of electric battery chargers out there, but the ones that stand out in the market could easily be the ones offered by Lester Electric. It should be said first that Lester Electric has already established itself as a name, brand, and company that offers only outstanding industrial battery chargers that meet demanding customer standards.

High standards are what Lester Electric is about. This means that the battery chargers clients can find from Lester Electric, such as the Powerdrive 3 48V Club Car Charger 26560 or the Powerdrive 48V Club Car Charger 17930, are powerful, fuel-efficient and wonít cost beyond what's most reasonable across the market. The manufacturing industry is replete with options, but not many of them can provide the level of high-standard performance that customers really want. Fortunately, Lester Electric answers this demand.

State of the Art Technology

Business owners or individuals should understand that Lester Electricís strength comes from its state-of-the-art technology. From having the newest line of chargers in their line-up to integrating the Bluetooth wireless communication in the chargers, comprehensive is a word thatís easily associated with Lester Electric. In fact, the latest available models in Lester have a motive power application that enables aerial work platforms, floor care machines and other outdoor power equipment to reach high levels of efficiency.

The Lester Electric Summit Series also provides powerful leading charging performance and artificial intelligence to make sure that the batteries reach their optimal levels using an algorithm that ensures precise charging all the time. Most chargers canít perform well during extreme temperatures, but the great thing about Lester Electric battery chargers is that they are designed to last and weather extreme conditions.

Thereís ingrained cloud connectivity in Lester Electric battery chargers. In fact, thereís a push charge history in this cloud system that informs the operator or driver of all the needed data to maintain the battery that uses the charger. This is probably because Lester Electric is always focused on manufacturing and designing quality products that should pass strict quality check processes. Customers need the highest quality of battery chargers, and what Lester Electric offers in this regard is second to none.

Motive Power

Another motive power offered by Lester Electrical are the Summit Series II 1050W battery chargers. From the 29400: 36V / 25A model to the 30400: 24-48V / 25A model, the Summit Series features the best qualities of the previous battery charger series, and has the same versatile applications, but what sets it apart is that it can be used in more product ranges that not many brands can do.

Other battery chargers under the Motive Power category include the Summit Series II 1425W and the Dual Mode battery charger that has a 24V/12A voltage. Product features of these other motive power machines include the fact that theyíre all American-made; and made with high durability, compatibility, performance and user experience in mind. These machinesí applications include floor care machines, material handling, electric wheelchairs and so much more.

Stationary Power

In the category of stationary power, Lester Electrical remains a strong exemplar in the competition. Some of the brandís most powerful stationary power products include the Atlas Modular, Power Sentinel, and the HF Max.

Product features of the Atlas Modular, which includes the 24V, 48V and 130V, include the Modular and Redundant Platform, which allows for a single chassis that provides redundancy to the machine (N+1, N+2, etc). This will continue to operate if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails and that gives it high availability and uptime application.

You may expect the Hot Swappable feature in the other product series to be also available in the Atlas Modular. The Hot Swappable feature allows the operator to mitigate the time at work site with the individual iPMS that can easily be removed and replaced while the remaining iPMS are still in use.

Pair this with the productís efficiency and safety features, as well as how durable and reliable its high heat applications are, then what you have is a formidable machine that leads the way in the global market competition. In fact, the modular can reach about 70įC with no cooling fans and has a conformal coating standard on all circuit boards for increased protection. Lighting protection is another standard option thatís built into every iPM in this unit.

Other features of the Atlas Modular include its flexible battery types - FLA, VRLA and Ni-Cd for 10 to 98 cells and alarming and communications system that has contact output of about 1 amp 30Vdc or 0.5 amp at 120Vac. 13 Standard Programmable Alarms of this modular come with time delay and event categorization (SNMP and NTP).

The Atlas Modular is designed to accept universal AC input, with auto-detect 100-240VAC features. No tap strips or any jump wire needed to be moved in order to run the machine. Plus, there are wall, shelf and floor mount configurations that are offered, which proves valuable when you pair it with the 4 different knockout locations for running the wires. Truly, thereís little wonder why this stationary battery charger has been a famous utility item used for railroads, utilities, and other Gensets.

The Power Sentinel Advantage

Another powerful advantage in investing with Lester Electrical is that you get to enjoy the product features of the Power Sentinel battery charger. With its Single-phase (1PH) AC input
(120, 208, or 240 volts AC input voltage at 50-60 Hz) and alarm capabilities containing advanced options, such as individual alarm relays, battery temperature sensor and lightning arrestors, you can be guaranteed that your operations is running on the most powerful machine design.

The natural convection cooling in the Power Sentinel allows the machine to operate without the need for fans, especially because itís designed to meet the NEMA PE 5 standards that ensures no environmental hazards to interrupt charger performance. Industrial construction case in the machine is made with powder-coated steel, so you can be sure that its design has conformal coated electronic boards for maximum operations. Plus, the Power Sentinel is proudly American made, which means itís an industrial battery charger thatís designed and manufactured in the United States, specifically in a factory in Nebraska.


Lester Electric specializes in the kind of electrical power that enables flexibility. Conversion and storage of batteries are no match to Lester Electricís capabilities to charge them. Being a worldwide leader in the industry gives extra credibility to the company. An added boost is the fact that it has maintained such reputation in all its innovation, precise charging engineering and unique algorithms for all its battery chargers. No task is hard for the powerful applications and charging capacity of Lester Electric, and the fact that it offers flexibility in the voltage and power management systems it has makes the brand an even more trustworthy enterprise.

OEM and ODM Service Providers

It should be added here that Lester Electric provides maximum, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions for all the OEM and ODM needs of various industries. Engineering and manufacturing in this modern age become more demanding as new innovation comes in in the market. This requires businesses to always up to the ante, increase their risk tolerance and abilities to adapt. With the manufacturing and expertise that Lester Electric provides in the industry of major electric vehicle and machine markets, no business will be left behind with their OEM and ODM needs.

Moreover, the custom design that Lester Electric offers could mean that customers can get specialization features for their battery chargers. These customers can still use a private-branded or proprietary version of the standard products of Lester, but the customization feature makes the clients get more value in acquiring Lesterís solutions for OEM and ODM concerns.

Atlas Modular

Itís just as important to state here some of the remarkable product features that Lester Electric has designed for its Atlas Modular series, which comes in 24V, 48V or 130V varieties. A stand-out among these features would be the fact that this battery charger is in a modular or redundant platform. The multiple PMs in the single chassis of this series would provide the kind of excellent performance that many stakeholders would shell out money to acquire.

It should be included here that Lester Electric focuses its innovation on variety and diversity, too. Thatís why any business owner who needs the products of Lester Applications can find an assortment of options in their line-up that can answer even the most specific and niche-specific need of their business.

The Industry Trust

Whatís also remarkable about Lester Electric today is the fact that its battery charging solutions for industrial vehicles have now been considered the top, trusted solutions by many companies that need quality power solutions for their industrial vehicles. This ability to provide answers to business is such a fundamental core to the success of a company, and itís good to know that Lester Electric has not missed a beat in providing this level of service to such companies.

It adds extra credentials to the reputation of Lester Electric that there is often a positive end-user experience that each customer gets from the brand. Even the proprietary charging method (Progressive DV/DT) that are being pushed by the brand has ensured a trustworthy reputation and continues to impress customers that have purchased the companyís products. Itís these satisfied customers that continue to make Lester Electric a wonderful and thriving brand even to this date of intense market competition. Not many brands out there can provide such trustworthy performance.

It is important for Lester Electrical to maintain this impressive reputation that they have. And itís good to know that for more than 50 years, Lester has delivered such tremendous record without compromising the quality of their products. In fact, itís not a stretch to say that Lester is already synonymous to quality. No wonder the chargers in the system of Lester are built to last, built to perform excellently and built to withstand demanding and rugged applications in whatever domain.
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