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Lester Chargers: Outdoor Power

Outdoor Power is something in which Lester Electrical has over the years built a name already. With outdoor power in mind, Lester is able to design and manufacture chargers that provide precise charging every time and makes sure that there are no environmental concerns in any temperature or climate. This advantage is made possible only because of the exclusive partnerships that Lester has built strongly with common battery chemistry companies to ensure that the user is ready to go to work safely every time. One of these battery chargers that best embody the powerful features suited for outdoor power use is the Summit Series II 1050W Battery Charger.

Product features of this battery charger include bluetooth communication, cloud connectivity and multi-voltage support. By being available in either 29400: 36V / 25A or 28740: 48V / 22A, partners can have more options that can address their variety of battery charging needs that will always answer to the demands of the market.

For outdoor performance, the Summit Series II provides what can only be called an industry-leading charging performance and intelligence that comes from the companyís proprietary Progressive DV/DT charge algorithm. Its efficiency features doesnít want to be left behind, too. Its switch mode can be either in high frequency system or has a best-in-class efficiency thatís compliant with the latest DOE and CEC standards.