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Lester Chargers: Genset

You can never overestimate the importance of always-charged batteries to keep generators running, and thatís why Lester Electrical goes out of its way to provide generator support systems that answer to even the most critical energy disruption situations. One of these powerful battery charging solutions from Lester is the Atlas Modular Stationary Battery Charger package.

This package is built with high heat, tough and redundant system thatís all packaged into one single charger. This suggests that whenever Mother Nature tests the limits of human reach in energy, your business is not interrupted. Your operations keeps on running uninterrupted and undismayed. You will always have a generator ready to respond to whatever disruption it encounters. Plus, this battery charger package comes with Ethernet monitoring and so youíll always know that your charger is always up to the challenge.

Secondly, the GenSet battery charging solution from Lester is built straightforwardly with redundancy measures and sophisticated alarming. When your power is suddenly out, you wonít risk losing your money because of the alarms set in place individually, along with an assigned delay and an assigned priority and summary alarm relay. Truly, this is a marvelous addition to Lesterís jam-packed features. Pair that with Lesterís GenSet modular platform that features multiple iPMs in a single chassis, then what you have is a formidable operations that will never run out of power.