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Curtis Controllers Model 1238SE

The SE Series of Curtis controllers are Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) and AC induction motor controllers. All controllers from the Curtis SE Series control the speed and torque of three-phase AC motors that are usually used in vehicles utilizing hydraulic pump motors and electric traction with a nominal battery supply ranging from 24 to 96 VDC. The 1238SE has one of the widest ranges of nominal batteries among the series since it caters to 24 volts to 96 volts demand. This is the largest Curtis AC controller in the SE series and has the highest current rating range of 900 Arms to 1000 Arms.

Compared to other AC controllers from Curtis, the SE models like the 1238SE use new and state-of-the-art technology to raise the peak current rating. Programmable control, a flexible controller for torque and speed, a CANbus that can be configured, twin traction motor control, and a capable controller for the whole system are the exclusive features of AC controllers from Curtis Instruments. The controller also allows silent operation, lower heat loss, and manageable torque ripple making it a very efficient model in the industry.

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Vehicle Control Language

The VCL is a programming language that comes in handy as it allows developers to input logic functions that are necessary for the desired application

Field Oriented Control

The FOC produces a regulated speed, increases the capability of driving uphill, and enhanced the driving experience

Motor Compatibility

Enhanced and easy induction motor pairing

Dual-Drive Functionality

Operation is secured and smooth all throughout and helps in reducing the risk of tire wear

CANbus Configuration

Communication with other CANbus devices is allowed

Functions as System Controller

Can be allocated for contactors, pins of input and output, and drivers.




Upgradable Software

The software can be upgraded easily and does not require a technician

Improved Peak Current Rating

The feature that enables a more compact design of controller that can operate similarly to the ones in larger designs

Improved Pulse Width Modulation

Allows silent and efficient operation by reducing heating losses and lowering torque ripple

FLASH memory and 64 MHz micro

Allows additional code to be inputted and speeds up the execution speed of VCL


  • Cutback Function: A cutback feature for temperatures with warning and voluntary shutdown capabilities to protect the system

  • Dual Microprocessor Architecture: Monitors internal components and circuitry to make sure safety

  • Component Insulation: Enhanced controller reliability and increased heat transfer functionality

  • Fail-Safe Design: The components are guaranteed to be functional

  • Protected from Short-circuit: Avoids possible short circuit

  • Reverse Polarity: The system will not function when the batteries are reversed

  • IP65: Ingress protection (IP65) rating for housing and connectors that can function in a rugged environment



Induction Motor

Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) Motor

Nominal Battery Voltage Range

24-36 V, 36-48 V, 48-80 V, 72-96 V


  • 2 Minute

1000 Arms, 900 Arms

  • 60 Minute

425 Arms, 395 Arms, 305 Arms


  • Length

275 mm

  • Width

232 mm

  • Depth

85 mm


  1. Curtis 1222 - an ideal controller fit for steer-by-wire application

  2. Curtis 1352 - a module used to enhance the capacity of output and input with the help of VCL

  3. Curtis 1313 - a programmer that assists in parameter control and system diagnostics.


    Unit in millimeters