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Lester Chargers: Lithium

Itís undeniably apparent that if companies want industry experience, cutting edge technology, speciality and testing expertise, nothing beats what Lester Electrical can offer. From design algorithms that maximize production to an electric drive system integration of battery chargers for lithium applications, Lester Electrical is an exemplar in the global market. One of the recommended Lester charging solutions for lithium applications today would be the Summit Series II 1050W Battery Chargers.

The most unique thing about the Series II is that even in equipment applications related to lithium, it still carries the industry-leading charging performance that best defines what Lester Electrical is known for now. Your business can benefit from precisely charged batteries every time you use the Summit Series II. Plus, you have the guarantee that itís the Best in Class Efficiency thatís compliant with the newest California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) standards. Clearly, youíre in good hands with Lester Electrical.

Additional features that boost an already impressive reputation of Lester Electrical include multi-voltage support, External DC and Signal Connection, Cloud Connectivity and Bluetooth Communication. When used in Lithium-related operations, the automatic DC output voltage detection and adjustment of the Series II is engaged even if the battery comes in either 48V, 36V and 24V battery packs with a single charger.