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Throttle Foot 0-5K with Micro switch CODE SWITCH - Safe-T-Lock - 1000 SERIES - 12-120V - 99 CODES #STL1000 Motor LEM170-95 LEMCO Charger "Quick Charge" EV 120VDC Output, 120V & 230VAC Input With Select-A-Charge
Motor LEM170-95 LEMCO
Price: $1,599.99
Motor LEM200-127 LEMCO 48 VDC Throttle Foot WL-III 0-5V Hall Controller Alltrax SR48300 Series/PM 48 volt 300 amp Peak R&R Curtis Controller 1228-2412 24V 70A (WW) PM CONTROL  - Core Repair
Motor D&D ES-80A 12-48 VDC Series Wound Single Shaft R&R - Curtis 1204-001 Controller 24/36V 275A, 0-5K PMC - Core Required R&R Curtis 1264-5403 48V 400A (0-5K) SX CONTROL - Core Required New - Curtis Controller 24/36V 250A (5K-0) PMC  #1207-1135
Motor D&D ES-15-6 48-72 VDC Series Wound single-shaft Motor LEM200-D135RAG LEMCO 96 VDC Contactor Reversing Unibody 72 Volt Coils 400 amp Motor LEM200-D135 LEMCO 24-84 VDC with double magnets
Motor D&D ES-33 36-48 VDC Series Wound Single Shaft Charger "Quick Charge" Industrial 96V 40 Amp, 230 VAC Input w/Select-A-Charge Charger Quick Charge Portable 64V 25A 0909 Mars 24-72 VDC Brush-type PM DC Motor
R&R Curtis 1205-117 Controller 24/36V 400A (ITS) PMC - Core Required Motor LEM130-95S LEMCO 48 VDC Throttle Pedal  0-5V Electric Car Motor D&D ES-22-2 36-48 VDC Series Wound Single Shaft

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