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Battery Lithium HiPower HP-PW-100AH 3.2V
This item Drop Ships from our supplier usually in 2-10 days
Price: $124.95
-Email for Stock-
Fuse ATO Standard Blade Auto 25 Amp Clear
This is a Stock Item - If out or low on stock, we get more in 2 Days
Price: $0.29
Moving Sale Price!: $0.07

51 in stock!
Push-Pull Switch Screw Terminals 12 Volt 75 Amp
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $5.95
Moving Sale Price!: $2.95

5 in stock!
Car Brushless Hub Motor 72V 7000W With Free Disc Brake
Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Price: $898.88
LiFePO4 battery
Discharge: 3C continuous / 5-8C burst
Weight: 3.4 kg / Size:163*51*278 mm
Stem Length: 5/8"
29/64" Mounting Hole

The Kelly KBL72401E is a perfectly match with this motor.
60 lbs
RPM: 1300
Use with 15 inch Buick wheel.
Free disc brake.
Push-Pull Switch Blade Terminals Illuminated 12 Volt 30 Amp
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $4.95
Moving Sale Price!: $1.95

9 in stock!
Motor Netgain WarP 9" Dbl 1.125" CE Shaft #00-08219
This is a Drop Ship Item Only - Usually Ships directly from the Manufacturer in 2-5 days
Price: $2,250.00
Electric Vehicle Emblem
Price: $9.95
Moving Sale Price!: $4.00

25 in stock!
GAUGE State Of Charge 36 Volt
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $35.90
Moving Sale Price!: $17.95

4 in stock!
Illuminates Red when Activated
Stem Length: 5/16"
1/2" Mounting Hole

Most common Motor Purchased for Small Trucks and Larger Electric Cars to handle the power requirements of heavier Vehicles

Chrome 'Electric' Vehicle Emblem, 7" by 1.25" Size: 1.28" x 2.09"
Includes Wiring Diagram
Video EV Conversion CD
Ships Upon Order
Price: $9.95
Moving Sale Price!: $5.00

77 in stock!
Charger Schauer 12 Volt 1 Amp Maintainer/Conditioner CM1A
Drop Ships directly from the Supplier Upon Order
Price: $30.94
Converter DC/DC 36V to 12V, 25A
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $89.95
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $9.95
Moving Sale Price!: $4.75

4 in stock!
Steve Clunn's latest EV conversion video features a Mitsubishi truck and a Mazada Conversion Fully automatic, can be left on the battery indefinitely.
Easily keeps batteries charged in stored vehicles.
Ideal for cars, motorcycles, riding mowers, snowmobiles, etc.
Operating voltage range: 30-45 volt
Output voltage: DC 12V
Continuous Max Load 25 amps
  • Red LED indicators for easy open fuse identification
  • Maximum current rating: 30 amps per circuit, 100 amp maximum input.
  • Fuses not included.

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