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Disconnect SB 2 Gauge 175 Amp Anderson Type Blue
Ships Upon Order
Price: $12.99
Sale Price!: $6.50

7 in stock!
ATO/ATC FUSE Holder Water Tight 12" x 12 Gauge Wire
Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Price: $1.95

19 in stock!
Heavy Duty TOGGLE SWITCH Momentary 25A
Price: $2.89
Sale Price!: $1.12

9 in stock!
Disconnect SB 6 Gauge 50 Amp Anderson Type Gray
Ships Upon Order
Price: $4.99
Sale Price!: $3.99

10 in stock!
You can use them to make quick disconnects on battery or inverter cables.
Two connectors of the same size are required to mate together.
  • Fuses not included.

High Current Switch
25A at 12V
This model is perfect for Battery Chargers up to 50 Amps
Price: $3.98
Sale Price!: $2.58

6 in stock!
Fuse ATO Standard Blade Auto 10 Amp Red
This is a Stock Item - If out or low on stock, we get more in 2 Days
Price: $0.29
Sale Price!: $0.15

45 in stock!
10 Point Power Distribution Block Bus Bar - Red
Ships Upon Order
Price: $14.32

5 in stock!
4 Point Bus Bars Positive 3/8" Post - Red
Ships Upon Order
Price: $13.10
Two-Position On/Off
Super Bright LED
25A at 12V

* 12 connection points, #8-32 stainless steel screws
* Each connection - 15 amp max.
* Max voltage: 48vdc

Multiple connection points, to accommodate multiple power connections
*     Secure way to consolidate ground systems
*     Max voltage: 48vdc
Meter Quick Charge Volt Meter 48 Volt
Price: $59.00
Sale Price!: $35.00

3 in stock!
Lug Max 4 GA Straight 1/2" Hole
Ships Upon Order
Price: $0.98
Sale Price!: $0.50

56 in stock!
Lug Straight Heavy Duty 8 GA 3/8" Hole
Ships Upon Order
Price: $0.92
Sale Price!: $0.42

32 in stock!
Meter Volt State of Charge 60 Volt
Price: $29.95
Sale Price!: $15.00

1 in stock!
Digital Voltmeter. Mount on equipment or used as a hand held tool for battery monitoring. No external power. Reads static voltage for quick state of charge Manufactured by AC Terminals in the United States
These battery terminals are cast with 131 contact copper which is 93% to 95% pure copper to provide high conductivity. The terminals are electro-plated with a bright tin finish to promote protection against corrosion.
Dimension: 63mm*55mm
This charge meter indicates from 51V to peak voltage of the battery, corresponding to 0%-100%.
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