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Forklift Electric Motors

In the field of forklift electric motors and components, Cloud Electric has remained a leading distributor in North America, not only because of its business philosophy to only offer High Quality, Low Prices and 100% Genuine Products.

People will trust Cloud Electric because itís already an established authority in educating consumers about whether to buy used or brand new forklift motors, to identify the weight load of a forklift that needs them, to know if the forklift is going to handle food and to apply the important rules of thumb in identifying which service provider or supplier can offer the most valuable deals.

Here are more reasons why we at Cloud Electric got you covered:

The Right Questions and Answers

What we do here at Cloud Electric is that we not only sell you forklift electric motors, but help you with all heart and knowledge make the most informed and budget-sensitive decision that will be unique to your business operations. Most specifically, we help consumers ask the right questions, such as:

- Do you really need an electric motor or an internal combustion (IC) engine? There are forklifts that may be powered by traditional engines that run on different fuel sources and questions like this help you avoid the wrong purchases.
- Are the forklift electric motors youíre purchasing to be used for forklifts indoors or outdoors? Answering this will help you decide what type of tires youíre going to use. If youíre using the forklift on concrete, cushion tires will be your option, while if youíre using forklifts for asphalt or hard dirt, pneumatic tires will be your best bet.

Genuine Components

Another major strength of Cloud Electric, which could explain why it remains a strong brand today is the fact that it fulfills its promise to millions of customers all over the world in making sure to only source their products from direct manufacturers, so genuine components are always guaranteed. This way, youíll no longer be hesitant that, say, the Toyota or Raymond forklift motor you buy is not counterfeit and youíll have the confidence that they donít come from a company with an obscure history of operation. Most importantly, we check the parts we sell for surface cracks using profilometers, roughness detectors and lubrication levels regarding oil droplets retention.

Customersí Needs First

Cloud Electric also goes out of its way to deliver the goods to satisfy the customer, to make sure that the business operations of the client donít fall off, and to make sure that the client is happy. How do we do it?

First, the dedicated expert staff from Cloud Electric will do a screening process that may involve verifying the motorsí manufacturerís specifications, including checks in the performance of the bolting torque, filler values and bearingsí armature to make sure they meet all the values indicated in the nominal performance diagrams at full RPM range standards.

Next, we at Cloud Electric will find the item you order thatís out of stock elsewhere, properly label it according to the clientís needs and efficiently ship it to the customersí doorstep wherever they are because Cloud Electric proudly ships from USA and other international locations, with a friendly product specialist on standby to help answer inquiries.

In fact, Cloud Electricís large team of specialists in professional parts has dedicated many years of experience in learning the business of providing customers with new forklift motors that can cause no downtime to the clientís business operations.

Lowest Prices

As mentioned above, Cloud Electric aims to build a reputation for being the number one dealer of forklift electric motors at the lowest prices possible. The products it distributes can even go as low as 50% off, especially on regular OEM retail prices. Cloud believes that doing business well means saving money on operational costs and other unnecessary expenses, so the clientís profitability is increased.

There are options to buy remanufactured, re-built and used parts from Cloud Electric, too, so thatís another strategy to consider when businesses want to increase their savings even more.

A Network of Trusted Sources

Another distinguishing strength that defines Cloud Electric today could also be from how it has built a network with more than 20 shipping locations all across the United States. It has leveraged that network to serve many more potential clients, and this means Cloud Electric will be able to serve more people and will have an ever-increasing number of new clients that can enjoy its fantastic services.

Excellent Repair Services

The next strong feature that defines Cloud Electricís forklift electric motors would be the fact that it can offer excellent repair services to its ever-expanding clientele. Whether a client wants forklift motor components from Crown Equipment Corp., Kion Group, Toyota Industries Corp., or Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc., you will know that Cloud Electric has your back.

Steering motors and other forklift parts can often be tricky to acquire, but the fact that Cloud Electric has sustained its successful and trustworthy reputation, the customer is guaranteed to get the proper repair service it needs.

For example, if youíre looking to repair your steering axle that fits your Hyster forklift, you can have the confidence that you wonít be looking for any other replacement out because you will always find the right one in Cloud Electric. Plus, the expert technicians rendering the repair service have undergone rigorous training and years of unsurpassed experience that will both arm them the theory and the actual real world practical knowledge needed to get the repair job done right.

Fastest Shipping Times

Itís an added convenience that Cloud Electric offers a Fast Shipping (3 days ground) and Fast 10-Day Sea Freight options for items being shipped from manufacturers overseas. Whether youíre ordering just a minor hard-to-find part or a set of major accessories that are only available from offshored sources, Cloud Electric will source them from warehouses that are located nearest to where you are, especially because it has a network of warehouses all around the United States that can deliver to you quicker than everyone else.

In conclusion, itís safe to assume that Cloud Electric is created to make the lives of its clients simpler, businesses more profitable, clients more satisfied with their purchases, business operations always moving with no minimal to no downtime and its workforce make a valuable difference in the work they passionately do and do best.