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Disconnect Sets

SB = Crimp Contacts
SY = Fusion Solder Contacts
SxE & SxX - With Four instead of two Pull bolt holes (E and X are the different Amp ratings)
E = 160A (35MM) & 320A (2/O, 3/O)
X = 175A & 350A Versions
(Information as far as we know, Please correct us if we are wrong or if there are other difference)

These Disconnects are mostly used to quickly Attach or Disconnect Positive and Negative High Amp Wires usually to a Battery Charger or to quickly change a Battery Pack. These are often referred to as "Anderson Connectors" or "Fork Lift Connectors.

Red, Gray and Blue Housings - What's the Difference?

All housings are color keyed. This means gray housings will only plug into gray housings. Gray housing won't plug into red or blue housings. Similarly, the color key feature makes it possible for you to differentiate voltages of your electrical circuits. For example, you do not want to plug a 36 volt battery pack into a 48 volt charger. Color keying your wiring will help to prevent expensive and dangerous damage. Gray housings are by far the most commonly used color. People who have only one voltage in their work environment tend to use gray housings no matter what the voltage is. However, if you have multiple voltages in your work environment, we would strongly recommend that you follow the industry color code guidelines listed below.

Industry recommendations: