17 Years in Service

Cloud Electric has served the electric products industry for more than 17 years and has stood strong to be a reputable company, serving a countless number of customers with the utmost professionalism and excellent product delivery.

It's also a well-known brand that has offered literally millions of electrical parts for a wide variety of customers, giving them the help they need, especially in times when the electric part they're looking for is hard to find or usually already off the shelves of the competing stores.

Truly, in many ways, Cloud Electric has retained the reputation of putting customer service, assistance, and satisfaction first. Whenever a customer needs an item, Cloud Electric goes out of its way to pull the item out from its stock, properly label it and then efficiently ship the item out to the customer's doorstep. It must also be highlighted that Cloud Electric has already worked with more than 20 shipping locations all spread out across the USA. Despite such expanding success, Cloud Electric still continues to impress its stakeholders by covering many major hot spots in the Eastern and Western regions of the country with the intention of letting more people experience its quality service. Truly, it's hard to deny that Cloud Electric is one of the most successful brands in the world today that have the most intense dedication and commitment to growth and excellent client satisfaction. These two things are what keep the vision of the company still burning all these years. The company is also known for the excellent repair services that it offers to its trusting clientele. It also gains people's trust mainly from the complimentary free pick-up that it offers to customers located in any state in the country.

OEM Components & Their Benefits as Offered by Cloud Electric

One of the things that sustain the success of Cloud Electric is the fact that its rebuilt components always use OEM parts. This means that its packages have many special benefits that only certified OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer sellers can offer. For starters, Cloud Electric can guarantee that each item you purchase is original and not just a second-hand item sold by third-party sellers or processors. The good thing about OEM products is that they're identical or resembling that of the products that customers want to replace. There also full-brand, new and made of the very same quality materials and components that the original manufacturers created. This means customers can get from Cloud Electric the best of both worlds: quality parts and affordable price. It can also be said that OEM products have often better offers and are far more beneficial than after-market items since there easy to replace and find and they offer greater reliability in terms of durability and adaptability to the replaced parts.

Warranty & More

It should be highlighted here that Cloud Electric has been offering complete customer satisfaction and warranty to all its products. In fact, there's a warranty that starts for as early as 6 months, with an option that allows customers to extend them to 36 months if they find the upgrade to be necessary. Cloud Electric finds it to be the best interest of the customer to extend the warranty, especially with some of the top-selling products in the market, if the option is offered since not only does it not hurt to be prepared, getting replacements without the prepared budget can spike up to costly proportions.

Net Account Options

It's also a strength of Cloud Electric to have the ability to offer their proprietary 30-day- net package that offers in-house business credit holders a fast approval of their orders. This gives customers an extra allowance to hold off their full payment due to a period of up to 30 days. Such package may be most appealing to project managers who need to consolidate their budget efficiently, especially when managers have major deadlines to meet or they currently lack the funds to pay off the massive or bulk order. Such allowance gives project managers the confidence to continue with their project without worrying about payment obligations.

Customers can simply put the charge on their account and get to work on their project until the set repayment time frame. Such generosity helps customers avoid costly interests that may derail the project completion. No third parties. Just between Cloud Electric and the client. It's that simple.



Dedicated customers who need quality products go to Cloud Electric to meet their needs, and this is what keeps the company on top. This is why Cloud Electric only sells top quality products that are approved by top industry leaders, tradesmen, and tradeswomen who hold plenty of intensive field experience, carrying with them a series of impressive work accomplishments and certifications. Cloud Electric only serves to top-notch customers and so it goes out of its way to always deliver beyond what is promised. It should also be added here that Cloud Electric has made it their habit to always provide a wide selection of contractor tools and various home improvement tools that cater to both residential and commercial purposes. Whether it's online or in store, Cloud Electric is dedicated to providing access to high-quality tools and accessories in a price range that cannot be beaten.

Curtis controllers in stock!

And we also sell Curtis brand products quite extensively. They make their home quite comfortably among our top products, as well. Curtis controllers, especially, abound here. And speaking of which, here are the ones we specifically sell to the public, so take note:

Curtis Model 1203A Curtis Model 1203C Curtis Model 1204 Curtis Model 1204M
Curtis Model 1204S Curtis Model 1204X Curtis Model 1205 Curtis Model 1205M
Curtis Model 1205S Curtis Model 1205X Curtis Model 1206 Curtis Model 1206A
Curtis Model 1206HB Curtis Model 1206MX Curtis Model 1206SX Curtis Model 1207
Curtis Model 1207A Curtis Model 1207B Curtis Model 1208 Curtis Model 1208A
Curtis Model 1208C Curtis Model 1209 Curtis Model 1209B Curtis Model 1210
Curtis Model 1212 Curtis Model 1212P Curtis Model 1213 Curtis Model 1214
Curtis Model 1215 Curtis Model 1218 Curtis Model 1219 Curtis Model 1221
Curtis Model 1221B Curtis Model 1221C Curtis Model 1223 Curtis Model 1225
Curtis Model 1227 Curtis Model 1228 Curtis Model 1231 Curtis Model 1231C
Curtis Model 1232 Curtis Model 1232E Curtis Model 1233 Curtis Model 1235
Curtis Model 933 Curtis Model 934 Curtis Model JLG-MC1



We work to offer you quite a range of solid electrical parts in more than 20 locations, for one. And we also use a whole host of both contractor - type and home - improvement type tools to get you a job well done in a short amount of time, depending on the need and the severity of the issue, of course. And while we make no promises in terms of time frame (the time in which the job will be specifically completed, as each need is different), we do promise a job well done each time. And we don't sacrifice the quality it requires to make that happen, either. But in any sense, we do strive to finish in a timely manner as well.