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24-95-9 Battery 48-Volt 380ah Electric Forklift
24-95-9 Battery 48-Volt 380ah Electric Forklift


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Product Code: 24-95-9

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BrandApplicationTruck Model and Maximum Battery Size (Inches)Battery TypeCapacity 6 Hr. RateAH/ Pos. PlateIST Tray NoLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)Approx. Serv. Wt. (lbs.)Cover Leads LengthStandard Conn
ATLETU 2650 (X Chassis) U 3000 (X Chassis) U 3500 (X Chassis) U 4400 (X Chassis) UF (X Chassis) UH (X Chassis) 48.4375 x 14.25 x 24.4375 Atlet #69904 Compartment C17.6995766547.562513.522.6251450XB24SBX6341
CATERPILLAR /JUNGHEINRICHCOUNTERBALANCED RIDERS2ET2500, EFG213, EFG215 32.6875 x 20.5625 x 24.687517.69957933322022.6251424XA16SCHALTBAU
CATERPILLAR /JUNGHEINRICHCOUNTERBALANCED RIDERS2ET2500, EFG213, EFG215 32.6875 x 20.5625 x 24.687517.6995765131.519.522.6251504XA16SCHALTBAU
CLARKWALKIE/RIDER, PALLET TRUCKS, & TUGGERSCTT7 Optional Compartment 38.75 x 16 x 23 Min. Battery Wt. - 1375 lbs.17.6995715137.687514.437522.6251436XB42SB6320
CLARKRIDERSTM12, TM15 32.6875 x 19.875 x 24.687517.6995700931.517.937522.6251431XA12SB6320
CROWNTHREE WHEEL SIT-DOWN RIDERSSC521X-30 38.8125 x 16.625 x 22.812517.6995788538.312516.12522.6251486XA9SB6320
DAEWOO /DOOSANTURRET SIDE LOADER, TURRET STOCKPICKERBR13J, BR15J, BR18J BR20S-2, BR25S-2 38.625 x 15 x 22.4375 Min. Battery Wt. - 1320 lbs.17.6995725337.687514.437522.251412XB18SB6321
DAEWOO /DOOSANTURRET SIDE LOADER, TURRET STOCKPICKERBR14JW, BR16JW 40.4375 x 15.125 x 24.75 Min. Battery Wt. - 1265 lbs.17.6995767439.514.437522.6251423XB18SB6321
HYSTERSIT DOWN RIDERSJ30XMT 39 x 16.6875 x 23.062517.6995715137.687514.437522.6251436XB30SB6321 w/919
HYUNDAISTAND UP REACH15BR-7, 18BR-7, 20BR-7 25BR-7 39.125 x 14.9375 x 22.937517.6995715137.687514.437522.6251436XB36SB6320
KOMATSUSIT DOWN RIDERSFB10M-1, FB13M-1 38.875 x 17.6875 x 25.37517.6995715137.687514.437522.6251436XB18SB6320
RAYMONDSIT DOWN COUNTER BALANCERTW-C30 32.5625 x 20.375 x 2317.6995755231.518.937522.6251434XA30SB6321
RAYMONDSIT DOWN COUNTER BALANCERTWC30QM, RTWC30TF RTWC30TT 33.125 x 20.875 x 23.517.6995700931.517.937522.6251431XA30SB6321
TOYOTASIT DOWN RIDERS2FBE10, 2FBE13, 5FBE10 5FBE13 36.5 x 17.6875 x 23.7517.699575133617.2522.6251449XB12SB6320
TOYOTASIT DOWN RIDERS7FBEU10, 7FBEU13 36.5 x 17.8125 x 2317.699575133617.2522.6251449XB12SB6320
TOYOTATOW TRACTORSCBT4 without rollers CBT6 without rollers 29.375 x 19.5625 x 23.437517.6995709528.56251922.6251427XC15SB6329
YALESIT DOWN RIDERSERPS030TF with rollers 39 x 16.75 x 23.125 See Note G17.6995715137.687514.437522.6251436XB30SB6321

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