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12-80-15 Battery 24-Volt 560ah Electric Forklift
12-80-15 Battery 24-Volt 560ah Electric Forklift


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Product Code: 12-80-15

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BrandApplicationTruck Model and Maximum Battery Size (Inches)Battery TypeCapacity 6 Hr. RateAH/ Pos. PlateIST Tray NoLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)Approx. Serv. Wt. (lbs.)Cover Leads LengthStandard Conn
ATLETXSN, XML SENIOR XTF 2200 SENIOR 37.8125 x 12.8125 x 26 Atlet #84770 XLL SENIOR 37.8125 x 12.875 x 26sp13.0480331337.687512.87522.6251163XB24SBX6370
BARRETTWALKIE, RIDER/WALKIE, TOW TRACTORSUNICAR 140L 38 x 13.5 x 25.625 Optional Compartment13.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB26SB6325
CLARKRIDERSTW20, TW25 36.625 x 13.625 x 23.25 Min. Battery Wt. - 1070 lbs.13.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB18SB6325
HOISTWALKIE / RIDERERBC, ERDH, ERGT, ERPR ERST, EWGT, EWPR 39 x 13.5 x 4013.0480304736.251323.251151XA12SB6325
HYSTERORDER PICKERS, HI RACKER, RACKLOADERR25A 36.6875 x 13.5 x 31.12513.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB12SB6329
HYSTERORDER PICKERS, HI RACKER, RACKLOADERR30ES 36 x 13.5 x 24.62513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB16SB6329
HYSTERORDER PICKERS, HI RACKER, RACKLOADERR30XMS, R30XMS2 36 x 13.5 x 24.62513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB16SB6329
HYSTERORDER PICKERS, HI RACKER, RACKLOADERR30XMS3 36 x 13.5 x 24.7513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB16SB6322
KOMATSUSIT DOWN RIDERSFB10M, FB13M 36.625 x 15.5 x 23.7513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB18SB6320
KOMATSUSIT DOWN RIDERSFB13M-2 36.5625 x 17.0625 x 2413.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB18SB6322
LINDE/KIONMOTO-TRUC WALKIES AND WALKIE RIDERSSCB-HR-30 36 x 13 x 3213.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB21SB6325
LINDE/KIONMOTO-TRUC WALKIES AND WALKIE RIDERS*CBR-30, *CBR-40, EFR-30 EFR-40, EFR-60 X-Tend-R-35, X-Tend-R-45 X-Tend-R-60 36 x 13 x 3213.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB21EC5810
MITSUBISHISTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSFBR12, FBRW12 38.5 x 13.1875 x 22.5625dh13.0480320435.062512.87521.625XD18SB6325
MITSUBISHISTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSFBR13, FBRW13 38 x 13.1875 x 23.513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XD18SB6325
TOYOTASIT DOWN RIDERS2FBE10, 2FBE13, 5FBE10 5FBE13 36.5 x 17.6875 x 23.7513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB12SB6320
YALEWALKIE, RIDER/WALKIE, TOW TRACTORSMPC80, MPE80 35.75 x 13.375 x Open13.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB21SB6325
YALEWALKIE, RIDER/WALKIE, TOW TRACTORSMRW20, MRW30, MSW20 MSW30, MSW40 35.375 x 13.5 x 2413.0480301635.062512.87523.251149XB20SB6325
YALEORDER SELECTORSOS 30E, OS 30EA, OS 30EB OS 30EC 36 x 13.5 x 2513.0480305635.062512.87522.6251131XB16SB6325

sp - Special tray design per Atlet drawing
NEW TRAY REQUIRED - Contact East Penn factory
SP - Special tray IST7226 per Atlet drawing overall height includes bottom rails
SP - Special tray IST7429 per Atlet drawing includes steel plates added for minimum weight requirement
Note A - Field verification required of connector type, position, & lead lengths according to customer application
SP - Special tray IST7291 per Atlet drawing overall height includes fork pocket channels welded to tray bottom and special lift lug design
SP - Special tray IST7407 per Atlet drawing includes special lifting lug design
SP - Special tray IST3555 per Atlet drawing overall height incluces bottom rails and special lifting lug design
SP - Special tray IST3814 per Atlet drawing overall height includes raised rear side

dh - Special tray design IST3204 includes drop handles. Overall height to top of terminal is 22.06"
H - Designates (H-Series battery type), Hydrasaver Product - Extended Watering Series

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