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12-125-19 Battery 24-Volt 1125ah Electric Forklift
12-125-19 Battery 24-Volt 1125ah Electric Forklift


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Product Code: 12-125-19

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BrandApplicationTruck Model and Maximum Battery Size (Inches)Battery TypeCapacity 6 Hr. RateAH/ Pos. PlateIST Tray NoLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)Approx. Serv. Wt. (lbs.)Cover Leads LengthStandard Conn
BARRETTSTANDUP RIDERSORB35, ORB40 Optional Compartment 38.75 x 16.125 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB20SB6320
BT/PRIME MOVERSTAND-UP RIDERS, REACHRR30B, RR34B, RR40 RR40B, RR45, RR45B RR45DR, RR45DRZ, RR45Z RS40, RS40B, RS40C, RS50 RS50B 38.75 x 16.5 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB21SB6320
BT/PRIME MOVERSTAND-UP RIDERS, REACHRRX35, RSX40, RSX50 RTX35 38.75 x 16.375 x 32 Min. Battery Wt. - 2000 lbs.26.19125313438.18751530.56252126XC15SB6322
BT/PRIME MOVERSTAND-UP RIDERS, REACHRTX35 38.75 x 16.375 x 32 Optional Compartment Min. Battery Wt. - 2000 lbs.26.19125313438.18751530.56252126XC15SB6322
CATERPILLAR /JUNGHEINRICHREACH TRUCKSND2500, NR3000, NR3500 NR4000, NS3000, NS4000 Optional Compartment 38.625 x 16.25 x 31.687526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB25SB6322
CATERPILLAR /JUNGHEINRICHSTRADDLE TRUCKSNSR30, NSR40 Optional Compartment 38.625 x 16.25 x 31.62526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB12SB6322
CATERPILLAR /JUNGHEINRICHSTRADDLE TRUCKSETB130, ETB230 38.5625 x 16.25 x 31.687526.19125395338.187515.7530.56252146XB25SB6320
CLARKNARROW AISLENPR17, NPR15D, NPR20 NSR22 38.625 x 16.125 x 31.5 Min. Battery Wt. = 1590 - 1885 lbs.26.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB20SB6320
CROWNREACH, STRADDLE TRUCKS25RR, 30RS, 35RR, 40RS RR-3000-40, RR3000-35 RS-3000-40, RS3510-40 38.375 x 16.25 x 3126.19125313438.18751530.56252126XA9SB 6322
CROWNREACH, STRADDLE TRUCKSRR5010-35, RR5010-40 38.375 x 16.25 x 31 Min. Battery Wt. - 1880 lbs.26.19125313438.18751530.56252126XD-Rear18SB 6322
CROWNREACH, STRADDLE TRUCKSRD5795S, RR5725-45 RR5795S 38.6875 x 16.25 x 31 Compartment "C"26.19125395338.187515.7530.56252146XA11SB6320
HYSTERSTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSN35ZRS, N40ZRS 38.8125 x 16.25 x 3126.19125317038.187515.12530.56252166XB16SB6322
HYSTERSTAND-UP RIDERSE30FR 38.75 x 15.5 x 31.62526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XD9SB6322 w/919
KOMATSUREACHFR15S-1A Optional Compartment 38.75 x 16.5 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XC20SB6322
KOMATSUREACHFR18S-2A 38.75 x 16.375 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XC20SB6322
LINDE/KIONORDER PICKER, REACH AND STRADDLEBRT30D, BRT35, BRT45 BST40 38.3125 x 16.5625 x 31.7526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB24SB6321
MITSUBISHISTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSEDR24, ESR24, ESS24 ESS24-15, ESS24-20 38.625 x 16.25 x 31.62526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB12SB6322
NISSANREACH STRADDLE TRUCKSOR 35, OR 40 38.75 x 16.125 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB14SB6320
TOYOTASTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKS6BRU18, 6BSU20, 7BRU18 7BSU20, 8BRU18 38.75 x 16.4375 x 3226.19125313438.18751530.56252126XC15SB6320
YALESTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSNDR30A, NR35, NR40A NS35, NS40A 39 x 16.1875 x 31.526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB30SB6320 w/919
YALESTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSNDR030AD, NDR030AE NR035AC, NR035AD NR035AE, NR040AC NR040AD, NR040AE NS040AD, NS040AF 39 x 16.5 x 31.526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB16SB6320
YALESTRADDLE, STRADDLE REACH TRUCKSNS040AE 38.9375 x 16.625 x 31.526.19125313438.18751530.56252126XB30SB6320

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