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Pot 0-5K Curtis Style for PB-5/6 Potentiometer

Price: $24.95

Availability:: Drop Ships
Product Code #: PO-SY83716

Pot 0-5K Curtis Style for PB-5/6 Potentiometer

With a ohm meter attached, you will read 0 resistance at the start. The resistance stays at O for a portion of the turn and then will start reading a resistance. This point is the start of the "Sweep". As you advance further the resistance increased until it reads about 4.95 which is actually full Throttle on all Controllers.
The Pot will then stay at 4.95K until you reach the full stop. You must set the pot in the box and adjust the start point to when the pot starts to read resistance You will then have full resistance at about 90 degrees of rotation