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KELLY-PM-SERIES : Kelly PM Full Bridge Permanent Magnet DC Motor Controller
KELLY-PM-SERIES : Kelly PM Full Bridge Permanent Magnet DC Motor Controller




Motor Current Limit

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Kelly's PM motor controller is full bridge or 4 quadrant controller. It provides fast and reliable electronic direction control. There is no arc, spark, or life limit on motor direction changes.

Models: PM24101, PM24201, PM24301, PM36101, PM48101, PM48201, PM48301, PM72101, PM72201, PM72301, PM12101H
Product Details

Kelly PM Full Bridge Permanent Magnet DC Motor Controller

Item # Item Name Voltage Current Regen Price
PM24101 Kelly PM24101 12V-24V, 100A Brushless Motor Controller 12V-24V 100A Yes $163.93
PM24201 Kelly PM24201 12V-24V, 200A Brushless Motor Controller 12V-24V 200A Yes $251.23
PM24301 Kelly PM24301 12V-24V, 300A Brushless Motor Controller 12V-24V 300A Yes $338.53
PM36101 Kelly PM36101 24V-36V, 100A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-36V 100A Yes $163.93
PM48101 Kelly PM48101 24V-48V, 100A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-48V 100A Yes $163.93
PM48201 Kelly PM48201 24V-48V, 200A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-48V 200A Yes $251.23
PM48301 Kelly PM48301 24V-48V, 300A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-48V 300A Yes $338.53
PM72101 Kelly PM72101 24V-72V, 100A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-72V 100A Yes $193.03
PM72201 Kelly PM72201 24V-72V, 200A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-72V 200A Yes $290.03
PM72301 Kelly PM72301 24V-72V, 300A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-72V 300A Yes $387.03
PM12101H Kelly PM12101H 24V-120V, 100A Brushless Motor Controller 24V-120V 100A Yes $290.03

General Functions

  • Extended fault detection and protection. The LED flashing pattern indicates the fault sources.
  • Monitoring battery voltage. Stop driving if battery voltage is too high or too low.
  • Built-in current loop and over current protection.
  • Configurable motor temperature protection range.
  • Current cutback at low temperature and high temperature to protect battery and controller. The current begins to ramp down at 90Ccase temperature, shutting down at 100C.
  • Two RS232 ports. Both can be used for configuration.
  • An RS232 port allows for configuration, programming and software upgrades using the free Windows GUI with your PC.
  • Provision of a +5 volt output to supply various kinds of sensors, including Hall effect type.
  • 3 switch inputs which are activated by connection to Ground. Default to throttle switch, brake switch and reversing switch.
  • 3 analog 0-5V inputs that default to throttle input, brake input and motor temperature input.
  • Pulsed reverse alarm output.
  • Main contactor driver. Cutting off the power if any fault is detected.
  • Current meter can display both drive and regen current. Save shunt.
  • Configurable boost switch. Enables the maximum output power achievable if the switch is turned on.
  • Configurable economy switch. Limits the maximum current to half if the switch is turned on.
  • Maximum reverse power is configurable to half power.
  • Enhanced regen brake function. A novel ABS technique provides powerful and smooth regen.
  • Configurable 12V brake signal input, in lieu of motor temperature sensor.
  • Optional joystick throttle. A bi-symmetrical 0-5V signal for both forwarding and reversing.
  • Configurable motor over-temperature detection and protection with the recommended thermistor KTY84-130.
  • Using battery-powered.
  • Optional CAN bus.
  • Optional supply voltage 8V-30V.


  • Intelligence with powerful microprocessor.
  • Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop, and fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency.
  • Electronic reversing, no reversing contactor needed, fast direction change, high reliability and efficiency, low noise, no arc, no wearing, no life limit, easy maintenance.
  • Voltage monitoring on voltage source 12V and 5V.
  • Current limit and torque control. Configurable torque mode and speed mode.
  • Low EMC.
  • LED fault code.
  • Battery protection: current cutback, warning and shutdown at configurable high and low battery voltage.
  • Rugged aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation and harsh environment.
  • Rugged high current terminals, and rugged aviation connectors for small signal.
  • Thermal protection: current cut back, warning and shutdown at high temperature.
  • Configurable high pedal protection: the controller will not work if high throttle is detected at power on.
  • Brake switch is used to start regen.
  • Support three modes of regenerative braking: brake switch regen, release throttle regen, 0-5V analog signal variable regen.
  • Standard PC/Laptop computer is used to do programming. No special tools needed.
  • User program provided. Easy to use. No cost to customers.
  • No adjustment.


  • Frequency of Operation: 16.6kHz.
  • Standby Battery Current: < 0.5mA.
  • 5V Sensor Supply Current: 40mA.
  • Controller supply voltage range, PWR, 18V to B+ (8V to 30V for Controllers rated equal 24V)
  • Supply Current, PWR, 150mA.
  • Standard Throttle Input:
    • 0-5 Volts (3-wire resistive pot)
    • 1-4 Volts (hall active throttle)
  • Analog Brake and Throttle Input: 0-5 Volts.
  • Reverse Alarm, Main Contactor Coil Driver, Meter.
  • Full Power Temperature Range: 0C to 50C (controller case temperature).
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30C to 90C, 100C shutdown (controller case temperature).
  • Motor Current Limit, 1 minutes: 100A-500A, depending on the model.
  • Motor Current Limit, continuous: 40A-200A, depending on the model.
  • Max Battery Current: Configurable.

Accessories for this product...
KELLY-J1-CABLE : Kelly Controller J1 Cable KELLY-J2-CABLE : Kelly Controller J2 Cable
Price: $9.00

Price: $9.00

KELLY-J1-CABLE : Kelly Controller J1 Cable KELLY-J2-CABLE : Kelly Controller J2 Cable

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