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AC/AC Kits

Cloud Electric is home to a nice array of AC/AC conversion and upgrade kits. AC to AC converters can control the current, voltage, and frequency of the electrical load. Mainly, an AC voltage controller converts a fixed AC input voltage and frequency to acquire a variable voltage AC output. The two main types of single-phase AC voltage controllers are On-Off Control and Phase Control.

Other types of AC to AC converters or cyclonverters are AC to AC converters with DC link, Matrix converters, and hybrid matrix converters. Typical AC to AC converters are utilized in power electronic control applications like induction heating, industrial and domestic heating, transformers tap changing, and speed control of induction motors in forklifts, golf karts, and other electric vehicles.

Cloud Electricís inventory of AC/AC kits feature premium construction, high-performance designs, and better durability than stock controllers. We offer friendly prices and fast customer service to get your electrical projects back on track.