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The gearbox adapter plate of an EV is the piece of metal thatís adjunct to its electric motor and any carís existing gearbox. Usually, a gearbox adapter plate comes with a crank angle sensor mount that will fasten to the EVís engine. The main function of a gearbox adaptor plate is to enable an engine swap without acquiring a new gearbox for the vehicle.
The gearbox adapter plate is indeed an essential in an engine swap when thereís a need for replacement without removing the original engine of the electric vehicle.

Some of the most common gearbox adapter plates today include the PRM Gearbox Adaptor Plate (Borgwarner to PRM), the PRM Gearbox Adaptor Plate (Borgwarner to PRM 260 & PRM 280) and the PRM Gearbox Adaptor Plate (SAE 3 to PRM 1000 Ratios up to 2.86). The PRM Gearbox Adaptor Plate is the one suitable for Borgwarner units, as well as to the PRM 60, PRM 80, PRM 90, PRM 120, and PRM 150 gearbox models. Other models include the Gearbox Adapter Plates for Mercedes Benz OM605 and Nissan Patrol Y61ZD30.

Engine swaps through gearbox adapter plates are needed because of either engine failure and or an upgrade. Similarly, adapter plates are needed to build the interface between the machine frames of the electric vehicles. These gearbox adapter plates are generally designed for the conversion of the Mercedes Benz OM605 with the Nissan Patrol gearbox, and these are a perfect fit because of the use of a precise measurement system for CNC machines. These adapters also ensure perfect alignment of the engine and gearbox match to make sure that engine failure is a non-problem.

In order for a gearbox adapter plate to securely be installed, thereís a need for a flywheel spacer or custom flywheel to account for the spacer/thicker flywheel, especially when thereís a bellhousing done on the gearbox. In doing this installation method, extra attention should be placed on the spacer/flywheel because there might be a tendency to lose the mounting holes.

In purchasing gearbox adapter plates, you should make sure that they contain the complete kit because sometimes theyíre a hit and miss. Go for a brand and manufacturer that many reviewers have already vouched for their credibility. It also helps to acquire the expertise and advice of a good engineer whoís done a cut and shut before with gearbox adapter plates.

Itís important, too, to make use of the original flywheel with a clutch for manual transmissions in your gearbox adapter plates. There are guides online on how to make your own gearbox adapter plates with the help of a template from a bellhousing bolt pattern and an input shaft spigot, but doing so could mean a fault or error that might be even more costly than getting a professional to do the change for you. So unless you want a massive headache and you know what youíre doing, it is not advisable to tinker with your gearbox adapter plates and modify your flywheels.