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Boat Motors and Accessories
Thereís no doubt that Abu Garcia is one of the most known, trusted, and thriving brands in the market of boat motors and accessories that are sold through the exceptional distribution of Cloud Electric. That said, one of the most popular boat motor or accessory from the brand is the Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel with 1 Gear Ratio and 5 Bearings.

Some of the most notable features of this boat motor component would have to be its lightweight design that has a one-piece graphite frame thatís carved with the most robust side plates. With its 4 stainless steel ball bearings ingrained with a power disk system, expect to get the best component for your boat from this brand. People can find great value in this Abu Garcia item, too, because of how compact its bent handle has been, that comes with the recessed reel that provides only the best ergonomic grip in the market. Another detail that cannot be missed from this stylish reel is its power drag system that provides a smooth drag to the user that wants to tame hard-pulling fish, as its low-profile design and recessed reel also offers a relaxed feel.

There are still other components and boat motor accessories sold by Abu Garcia that can be found here in Cloud Electric. This gives Abu Garcia a stamp of quality approval and excellent reputation mainly because it receives Cloud Electricís trustworthy name that has been built over the years as it operates across various markets.