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Boat Motors and Accessories
What makes Cloud Electric a trusted brand today is the fact that it has partnered with big brands like Bonnlo. There are many boat motors and accessories that are water types and that are sold under Cloud Electricís distribution line, but few can be at par with the quality, durability and guarantee that Bonnlo has met over the years that it has gained peopleís trust. One of these items that may have lent the trustworthiness to Bonnlo today would be the Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley.

This set of tires wheels is 12Ē in size, has a free pump and strap, which makes it highly ideal for a soft sand. For capacity, you can expect a generous 165 lb carrying capacity that easily transports your kayak or canoe in places that other brands cannot deliver. The solid aluminum frame also gives this unit model the right amount of robust quality to make it reliable in whatever kind of heavy-duty work. The foam bumpers on each arm are meant to protect your canoe or kayak hull. When it comes to assembly, expect hassle-free assembly and disassembly time with no added tools required. Other brands seem to require you to get other expensive or sometimes redundant tools to install the item, but this is something you will no longer worry with this dolly trolley.

Its endspring-loaded stand is another stand-out feature in this unit that can secure a full-size kayak/canoe without any trouble. Just make sure that you donít tow this with any motorized vehicle or use this to carry kayak while people are riding in it. Such item is just one of the many components that come from Bonnlo.