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Boat Motors and Accessories
Itís easy to see why Cloud Electric is a trusted brand today simply by looking at its selection of powerful boat motors and accessories. One of these components or products would be the freshwater options offered by the C-Tug brand, especially in the field of kayak components or accessories. It is in this selection that C-Tugís Kayak and Canoe Cart can be categorized.

The C-Tug Kayak and Canoe cart has many features, and these include the tool-free assembly design of its structure and the puncture-free wheels installed in each high-grip rubber tread that comes with each cart. The fact that itís just about 4.3 kg in weight means itís lightweight enough to be efficient in all settings. The 120 kg loading capacity in each trolley will make sure that you can maximize the output efficiency of each ordered unit.

Another attribute that amazes the customers today is its rugged appeal, robust strength and good looks that make it extra appealing to those who value aesthetics. The non-corroding engineering polymers of this item is reinforced with stainless steel that makes it fit for various terrains, giving the customers the paddling efficiency that you almost cannot imagine possible. You also wonít require any extra tools or any assembly accessory to use the cart. In a matter of seconds, you can already use the cart without the worry of getting flat tires.

That said, you can have this C-Tug canoe cart with the same guarantee offered by Cloud Electric to all its products, guaranteeing you that you only get whatís excellent and what you deserve.