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It’s easy to imagine why Cloud Electric found a strong reason to network with big brands like HawkEye. It’s not only because HawkEye is one of today’s most trusted brands in terms of producing the world’s leading boat motors, accessories, fishfinders, and electronics. It’s also because of the reputation that the brand has enjoyed in producing its list of powerful products, including the HawkEye® FishTrax™1 Handheld Fish Finder with IceShack™ Kit and the HawkEye® FishTrax™ 1C IceShack™ Kit. From accessories to be used in boating, sailing, kayaking, and canoeing to the essential accessories for float tube fishing and diving, HawkEye has the right series of selections to help solve any specific fishing problem.

Sure, you can get a lot of fishing gear from other brands, but only in the collections offered by Hawkeye can you get unmatched versatility in various domains, such as kayaks, docks, boats, and gear for the ice. Radically changing the way boating is done is what keeps the successful traction of the brand at a steady and a growing pace. Hawkeye’s selection always answers the demands and problems that are central to the customer’s fishing needs. There’s a lot of expectations from the brand, and it’s nice to know that it can meet all of the growing and varied needs that its supporters demand.

Truly, it is a good idea that Cloud Electric leads a strong network relationship with Hawkeye. No wonder that Cloud Electric offers the same Product Warranty to all the customers who acquire the products from HawkEye today.