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However you see it, there’s little doubt that Cloud Electric’s current business success status right now was greatly affected or improved by the partnership it’s made with the MotorGuide brand. In the first place, there would probably be no reputable and trusted reputation for Cloud Electric if it weren’t for the line of boat motors and accessories under the MotorGuide’s leadership style. Great practical products like the MotorGuide R5-70FW Digital Hand Control Transom Mount 24V 70lb 42" and the MotorGuide R5-105FW Digital Hand Control Transom Mount 36V 105lb 42" would not have been created.

Secondly, without the partnership, the perfection of MotorGuide for the R3-45 Digital 09MT Hand Control Transom Mount would be incomplete. Some of its notable features today include an extendable twist-tiller; a digital variable speed control that provides smooth and precise speed control; a reversible motorhead that provides true versatility and an R3 transom mount that features aluminum alloy construction. All these features are fascinating, and this may have just been a simple pipe dream if it weren’t for the robust collaboration of Cloud Electric and MotorGuide.

MotorGuide has also developed state-of-the-art features in all its products. Some of the other features worth looking at would be the way the brand has been able to inculcate a sense of cool quiet operation and aluminum shaft to the motor units it sells, adding strength and lessening vulnerability to each of them.