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No one can seem to deny that Cloud Electricís intention to expand stems from the desire to serve many people and let many more people enjoy its products and services across an even wider and growing market. Without a doubt, this high-level reputation springs from strong partnerships built with big brands like Lowrance. One of the many big brands in the field of freshwater boat motors and accessories, Lowrance creates some of todayís most respected freshwater-gear products in the market and this reputation continues as Cloud Electric becomes one of its recognized authorized distributors or promoters. The strong product that best represents this dedication to developing the best solutions for sports enthusiasts today would be the Lowrance HOOK2-5x 5" GPS SplitShot Fishfinder w/Track Plotter Transom Mount SplitShot Transducer.

There are many things to be said about this transducer, but the strongest feature enjoyed by its customers and supporters would have to be the fact that it has a 5-inch SolarMAXô Screen. This allows for the transducer to only get crisp and clear views of whatever size or scale of fish and fish-holding structure that only emits the clearest level of clarity and daylight visibility thatís infused with high-resolution SolarMAXô display. Along with such feature is the unitís automated sonar settings that let the customers spend more time fishing without wasting time on dialing the sonar with the use of HOOK2 Autotuning sonar.

The easiest-to-use menu operation and dedicated keypad embedded in the unit will also remind you of the kind of attention that the brand always gives. Truly, Cloud Electric has lent a great amount of trust for Lowrance that it grants Quality Guarantee to each of the brandís products being sold.