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MK Batteries Tysonic Batteries Gell Cell Batteries Liquid Sealed Batteries
AGM Batteries use a glass-mat separator which absorbs 100% of the lead
acid electrolyte. Because of the immobilized electrolyte, an AGM
battery will not leak or spill and does not require water addition.
This battery is used in deep-cycle and specialty applications such as
telecommunications, wheelchairs and security alarm systems, as well as
in automotive starting applications.
General use, 3-5 years designed life.
Use for float charging and cycling
"Gell Cell Batteries" use lead-acid in which the electrolyte is immobilized by adding a gelling agent. Totally sealed and valve-regulated, it is nonspillable and does not require water addition. Gel-cell batteries are used in special applications such as telecommunications, wheel chairs and security alarm systems.

These batteries tend to have very good "capacity" per weight but do not release "high amps" as well as AGM or Liquid "Wet Batteries"