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Switches Battery Connections Disconnects Distribution Bars
Manual High Amp Key, Push Button, and Lever Switches used in High amp Circuits to Turn the Main Power On or Off
Battery Terminals and other wiring parts used to make connections to Batteries.
Terminal bus bars are designed to extend electrical power runs, distribute power to separate locations, and to condense ground leads to a central location.
Fuses & Holders Lug Cable Connects Power Posts/Standoffs Wire Connectors
Automotive Fuses
Limiter Blade Fuses
Glass Tube Fuses
Class "T" Fuses
Industrial Fuses
Solar Fuses

Attached to Cable and Wire to connect the Electric Components in High Current applications.
There are Crimp, Compression and Solder Types.
Several lines of distribution posts, for passing current through a barrier, distributing power to several devices, or allowing for power connections outside a device
Wire Protection Battery Cable Welding Cable Trailer Wire
Heat Shrink
Terminal Covers
Wire Clamps
Split Loom
Zip Ties
Bulk and Pre-made Battery Cable
This is the most Popular Cable that we Sell!
Cable used on Electric Vehicles, Solar and Industrial High Amp Applications
For use at 50 volts or less
Fine stranded copper conductor for maximum conductivity and flexibility