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Switches - High Amp Switches - Keyed Switches - Knife Blade Switches - Rotary
Manual High Amp Key, Push Button, and Lever Switches used in High amp Circuits to Turn the Main Power On or Off
Disconnect batteries quickly and easily.
Stop unwanted battery drain.
Help prevent theft, tampering and unauthorized use.
Are rated 250 amps continuous and 750 amps surge at 12 volts.
Use to Switch Battery or Power Source. Off, One, Both or to another Input Source or Output Component; Most are rated to 48 Volts and 500
Amps Peak
Switches - Toggle Light Switches Micro Switches Momentary Switches
Micro Switches are mainly used to deactivate or activate a Main Contactor or Solenoid.
These are usually mounted to a Throttle, Vehicle Door, Hood, Truck Lid, Charging Port Cover or other item.
Momentary Switches are usually used for controlling apparatus that requires temporary power and manned operation such as a Starter
Rocker Switches Switch Panels Switches Pull on / Push Off Kill Switches
Key Switches to activate Contactors, Solenoids and Ignition applications.
Ignition panels and start panels fit a variety of OEM racing, agricultural, and off-road equipment
Kill Switches are usually attached to a person or Device and used in an Emergency to dis-engage Low power to a Contactor or Solenoid.
Can be also be used to Dis-engage Ignition.
Turn Signal Switches Diodes & Resistors