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Curtis Controller G- 36/48V 500A (5K-0) PMC  #1215-8306 Curtis Controller36/48V 500A (0-5V) PMC  #1215-8307
36/48V 500A (5K-0) PMC

Please note the 77-1215-8306 is a Generic controller as noted by the G at the beginning of the part description. We will need the following information to make sure we can program this controller correctly for the vehicle application before we can ship the controller.

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model

Vehicle Serial #

Motor Make

Motor Model

System voltage

The other option is to have your customers 1215-8306 controller shipped to FSIP to have the programming pulled from it (as long as the micro is still good) and then have the programming loaded on the new controller.

36/48V 500A (0-5V) PMC